For the love of god a 4 day challenge is like a job

I think the title says it all. FYI, I’m lvl 63. I’m just saying I’m not a nb and this is irritating. Who on earth has time 2 play all these levels and replay 2 get high scores? 4 real? Gimme a break.

For this challenge I’m not drawing any heros and I’m not bothering to replay levels 4 high scores. Good on all of u do, ha.


They give the options each player can make the choices. In most jobs you lack that options


As I write this, I’ve done rare and half of epic. I have not started legendary but will get them all done. My item usage is minimal as I just go for completion.

Once completed though, I see where my scores are at and what prizes are in next tier. Then I decide if it’s worth a shot. Last event, I did play more to bump up a tier. Will likely do some of that here too as I definitely have room for improvement.

But I’m not going for top scores. Never have. You get to play how you choose. I hope you do find enjoyment in the event though, whether it be going for completion rewards, going as far as you can, or going for a top score.


Same. I work 60 hours a week, in a job I can’t play on my phone. Made an effort once, had a week off, placed 65th in epic, but it’s a TON of work and resource intensive.

Completion rewards are enough. I may redo a stage or two if I have time and bump myself up a tier or two but that’s it


Much worse than a job. I don’t struggle so at my job :rofl:


And at least I get paid at my job… here I’m chasing ascension mats I might not get.


This game makes you work too much for too little.

Rewarding players is not part of the plan.


I really don’t understand the point of this post… just venting?
If you don’t like the challenges, don’t play them. Problem solved.


I don’t chase the high scores. I just go for completion rewards. I only replay the lower levels when I’m trying to fill a monster chest in the fewest possible flags. I leave the higher tiered loot to the more competitive types.


It is surely more engaging and demanding then before.
Still, even if i play less then before and do NOT spend for refills during Atlantis and Events, i can defend myself quite well and enjoy it.

Currently in both top 1000 and top 500 for rare and epic (very solid positions, no need to push anymore) and i miss top 100 in legendary for 20 or so positions. (But i decided i stop here)

I still have 100+ of battle items and used only a total of 5 flasks.
I missed flags during the days due work and sleep.

So, if you want you can still enjoy it even beeing less competitive.

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The point of the post is why are we having 4 day challenges? Why arent these longer so more players can replay levels and compete?

Lol, wow, great, good for u.

The most important point is that i don’t have a so great deck and used only 5 flasks.
So you don’t need to go crazy and redo stage over and over to reach a decent position.

I actually played the event as i would play normally without it, i mean on the map.

I am much more hooked when there’s Atlantis, to not waste anything.

Lol, more wow, great, good for you. I guess you got ~40-50 amazing RNG boards in a row. Didnt have 2 redo any. And in the top 500-1000 across the board. And not so great deck. This definitely sounds real and definitely not some weird madeup humblebrag. My most sincerest, sincerest, congratulations.


It is not as unlikely as you think.
I have to say i’m a level 60+ with 51 energy help me in that.

That means:

  • i can use all my flags, and then stay 6,5 hrs without playing and i don’t lose any energy

  • i waste less flags during the night

  • everytime i use a flask i get 51 energy

This of course help a lot. Take a look on Russomate level, and you understand how much you benefit from a high level.

I still have 9 flasks

Why pay for refills if i still have?

As funny as it seems, i stopped because i don’t want to use more items, not for the flasks.

That’s the team i used 9/10 of time in legendary

As you see, not filled of HotM.


Again, congrats on your amazing luck with RNG boards.

If these 4 day challenges exist, I want Atlantis to 4 days as well. I don’t know why Atlantis gets neutered to 3 days when these events are 4

If you summ all the stages of all difficulties you discover that you need 182 WE to complete it.

The event last 4,5 days. You get 144 WE per day (24*6)

144*4,5 days = 648 WE.

Without flasks you have enough to repeat 3,5 times or so any level.

In my case i used 5 flasks x 51 energy = 255 addictional WE

648 + 255 = 903 WE / 182 (entire event) = almost 5 times each.

To be fair i did the class quest and the gem quest, so let’s say 4 each.

4 each of course is not nearly enough to win or place in top 10, but plenty for all the rest.

The secret is to not wait for the “perfect” board, but a “good enough” board and don’t look back.

Rare i just needed to place in top 1000, so it was even more “cheaper”

Epic i start bad and was afraid of my score more, but i ended up in the leaderboard (and could improve much more my score, it seems it’s the most easy this time).

Legendary you have tornadoes improving your boards (if you know when and how use them).
Btw, i have almost 300 tornadoes.

Placing on the third step of the chart of every difficulty is not even 1/3 demanding compared to top 10.
Maybe not even 1/5.

I used to run for top 10 and place in it sometimes, and it was totally different.

1 single top 10 is more demanding then 3 top 100.

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Lmfao @Vixx!!! Well put and couldn’t agree more. I’m only sad that I somehow have no likes to give. I’LL BE BACK!!!


Now let’s sum how long it takes to complete all the challenge event evels, wars, titans, raids, and other quests, and divide it by 4 days, then subtract the average free time I have to play each day, and divide that by how much I care how many flask or tornadoes you have.

The point of my post was that I barely have time to finish it, let alone replay levels for better scores.

Of course now I understand how misguided I am! OMG, it is easy! RNG boards that don"t favor my color stack are not even a thing! I shouldn’t have to replay levels at all if I have skills! LOL, I am done with you. Please go humblebrag troll another thread.

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