For Rook, since I can


Thought it was fitting, in a fun way :slight_smile:


Hopefully, that image was sent for @rook to use.

Our cat moderator deserves pets and respect.


That was the intent, @Bud
I can picture that look on her, cant you? :grin:

Bitch in ths context of the image in this thread is a verb, amirite?


The context is my mental image of her when she sees certain things,
Nothing more, nothing less

No need.

Still not a mod

I see Rook having that look, but more like, “do I have to catch that mouse?” An often distastefull job

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Nonsense! I’m a sweet cat!

secretly glares at JonahTheBard! :grin:

Never gonna be a mod


Woooah are you suggesting that I may occasionally vex my veteran colleague?? :rofl::rofl:

I may have to call my lawyer :nerd_face::money_mouth_face:

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Would that be the guy got you this lovely and remuneritive job.

Have him spell check that, too.

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I am Sgt. Schultz
“I know nothing”

Let the cat memes begin :wink:

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Kitty has rng food delivery

Technically, “bitch” is usually warned for language.

In this case I shall take extreme cat offense, because you compared me to a DOG! :grin:


Remind me not to start controversial threads

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