For one brief moment - a new Hero for F2P & C2P players!

He wuz a contendah

I suspect this team was set to cup drop, and that’s what’s happening right now. Lol. But for one brief moment a team that can be obtained from TC20, and / or lucky summons with epic tokens was #2 in the entire world!

Go F2P and C2P players!


That also can be his raid attacking team and he haven’t chance it back to defence team yet. :wink: Maybe he don’t know that those teams can’t be different.

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He probably switch that team after gain all the cups, as it is impossible to reach that position with that team right now because your starting point is too far from it.

I would say that team can start from 2400 cups at best, so even using a flask and win all your raids you can’t reach 2900.

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He has made #2, I think he knows :wink:

Which is what I said I think?

You indeed said he cupdrop, but you didn’t said he switch after :wink:

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Looks more like an anti Guin team.

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True. I guess I was just too excited to see that team at #2. :smile:

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