For newcomers: proof that every attack and point helps your alliance

For every person who joins their first alliance and says, “I’m too weak to make a difference, yet.” as they see how strong their teammates are by comparison, I present to you my alliance’s most recent war victory:

The last person in my alliance to attack got only 16 points, but without him, we would have lost the war.

So, no matter how weak you feel your teams are, remember that every attack, be it against a titan or during a war, can make a difference.

A single point can be the difference between victory and defeat.


That’s true.
But, perhaps some newcomers thought something like: my def team doesn’t strong enough. I gave them more than points I can get.


newcomers should participate, not only helping anyone in guild, mainly because loots too.


This is the only part I fully agree with. A fully supportive alliance will make use of all its assets with a degree of coordination (e.g tank busting and cleanup). A ‘free for all’ and your lesser alliance mates are an issue (heavy hitters taking easy targets for personal points).

I agree with your perspective but maybe everyone isn’t as lucky as we both appear to be by being in good alliances. :slightly_smiling_face:


Tenho de concordar com você. Se a minha aliança não fosse organizada, não ajudaríamos os mais fracos, quando esses entram. Ajudaram-me muito, visto que ainda sou fraco.

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I am the weakest member in my Alliance, so my defense team is always the first to go in wars and at reset.

How many points am I giving the opposition V’s how many hit points am I absorbing that could have been used on another member of my alliance, and how many points can I get doing clean up duty.

These are the three things to be consider.

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The power of war opponents are based on the power of the members of your alliance who participated.

If you are weak, when you participate, you not only bring the average power in your alliance down, but you also bring the average power in your opponent down.

Which means there is another thing to consider.

Fourth: how many extra points your teammates got because they can fight weaker opponents due to you joining.


This can be surprisingly effective. Often, people are careful when they see the GTV or some other 5* mega-defence, they work hard to make sure that team gets taken in one shot.

OTOH, a mid-grade team (especially some 4* with emblems) can SEEM like an easy win, and then require several attacks to put to rest. In two of my previous alliances, I tracked defensive and secondary attack stats, and handed out awards of my own, one for each element:

:fire: The Scourge - Highest +/- rating: points lost vs points gained. Rarely the top attacker.
:sun_with_face: The Shrewd Tactician - Highest number of kills (not necessarily one-shots!), tiebreaker to the most points. Sometimes a top attacker, but more often a mid-level player who made good decisions about when to try a one-shot, and when to just clean up.
:skull: The Undead Knight - Killed the most often, tiebreaker to the best +/-. Very encouraging for low- to mid-level players who could not use their best tank due to alliance coordination, but still made good use of their attacks.
:shield: The Stalwart Shield - Gave up the least points per attack on them. As mentioned above, this was most often won by mid-level players with deceptive teams. The best one that I can recall was someone who was nowhere near our top player took a whopping 17 attacks while giving up less than 11 points per. We cheered mightily for her, as she single-handedly held off all three flips.
:leaves: The Llama - attacked the most often, tiebreaker to the least total points given up.

The internet carries a different definition for the llama that what I learned. I got the term from playing the original Starcraft online. The poor guy who got found first and got zerg rushed was the llama; it was generally a term of consolation, as that player rarely got a fair chance to play, but it was a necessary sacrifice that let the other players build up. It’s not their fault that they got picked on, but it’s important to let that person know that their play had value to the team.


A player who is proactive and try the best on each battle is always welcomed. :+1:


Just wanted to say how much I appreciate these awards, they are excellent, and would add another dimension to wars. Well done


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