For new players - the 4star heroes that changed the game for me

You clearly have some 4* or 5* heroes. That may have been written for someone far less far along in the game, or who is focused on which of the 3* they have to keep for use in events and tourneys.

Also, you are looking at these heroes from a titan perspective only, and you are forgetting that you can stun titans, as well as use mana potions to charge heroes up.

One could then argues that since they aren’t good at tians, all 3* heroes suck, since titans and 5* heroes kill them easily. However, 5* heroes are really, really awful at 4* and below events tourneys, for example, so do they then also suck? Given that, every hero sucks at something.

You have to compare like against like, so this is among 3* heroes. Here are the reasons:
Bane comes for free as your first decent hero, and has blind, and hits well.
Kailani & Gunnar actually help you stay alive by spreading out damage.
Beliuth & Hawkmoon heal.
Other heroes are good mostly due to fast speed, or dropping defense, etc…

Realize that at where you are in the game most 3* won’t work well for map farming, but some are still okay. Some of the Atlantis 3* heroes are much better.

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I have the same feeling. 3* heros can be useful but lack sustain and don’t allow to elaborate the match as easy as 4*.

I only have 4 4* heros Danza, Grimm, Kashhrek and Sabina. All of them improved my roster strongly But the aces of this have been Grimm and Sabina. Grimm as a powerful hitter and debuffer and Sabina, despite not being maxed has filled a huge void in my roster as Dispeller and healer. Now I can take on teams which weeks ago only a great board could win.


Proteus is definitely a game changer!!
I went right through season 2 enemies without repeating a single stage. Just a Handful of mana potions and my star bench warmer proteus!!

Hansel and gretel definitely. They were the two 4 stars to help me clear legendary in every event till date. Dtill use them on most event stages.

Boldtusk was a huge boon, healer and attack increase.
Wu Kong is invaluable for titans, events and just about anything but defense. He can be tricky to use with the minus accuracy but is awesome with tile damage. Bring a healer to keep him alive.
Proteus also invaluable and still on my main team. The mana stop and poison is great. Bring a healer to keep him alive.
Wilbur also with his skills is a must for events except red reflect.

If you summon any of these 4, make leveling them a priority.

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