For new players - the 4star heroes that changed the game for me

Unfortunately, not in the top level. Too low defense. I’ve been using him for months but now I’m using him only in the class quests because I don’t have many maxed wizards.

All a matter of opinion😂 As I said he’s a mainstay on my defense team. Team synergy is a real thing. Maybe he just doesn’t work with the lineup u have😬

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Kiril was my 4* game changer. I think he was my first 4* hero. I still use him. Have him at +15 as my best healer. I do have Ariel and Kunchen now, but neither are fully upgraded. I also have Vivica but she is all the way down at 1/1. Kiril is still my go-to healer, even when the rest of my defense team is 5*


I like Kiril also. Since I began getting 5* heroes right away i didn’t have an opportunity to lvl many 4* healers on my main acct. He is the main healer on my alt acct tho☺

Angelique Talbert

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I was lucky enough to have pulled a Triton and a Sumitumo very early on so I maxed them. Sumitumo’s counterattack has saved me countless times. Triton has been a finisher several times as well so for me they’re in the “must max”. Additionally I acquired Ameonna who is the same family as Sumitumo (Sakura) and when you have the same family members in a team they get a mana boost. Plus her ghost special is pretty legit. It’s kinda nice having a hero that can’t be hit for 4 turns. I will have to say, I heard a lot about Wu Kong from YouTube videos and on forums and I didn’t understand his worth until I pulled him. My titan hits have exponentially increased since.

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I’ve been playing around with Ameonna against purple titans lately. Seems better than Hel so far. Actually just got my new highest titan hit with her this morning! Great tile damage, which is really what high titan hits are all about.

I’ve maxed Sumi and Triton now, but rarely use them. By the time I leveled them, I had already maxed a few 5s in each color, so they only see duty during wars, and not always even then. The occasional 4-star raid tourney too. I do have them both on my second account too, and use them more frequently there, and they seem ok. I don’t regret giving them mats.

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I was super lucky, I pulled Proteus after about 2 months of playing. Once I saw his special skill, my jaw dropped. He got me through the Atlantis and Season 1 provinces I was struggling with. Proteus was my 2nd 4*, but until now he is still my MVP.

My next biggest game-changer was Sabina, so far my only success story from TC13. She came in 2 months after Proteus, and I was happy to retire my Belith for big sister Sabina.

And about 2 weeks after, Kiril came along… giving me not only a 2nd healer but an amazing buffer.

And I pulled Triton not soon after, and he synergized so well with both Sabina and Kiril, giving me an amazing sniper.

Less game-changing, but still amazing:

Gormek, my first ever 4*. Too bad for him he came around the time I was doing Atlantis underwater stages. But still, being my first, he got me farther than I would have with only 3*s.

Lancelot, Skittleskull, Jack O’Hare and Li Xiu are currently my other maxed 4s, and each was game-changing in their own ways. Lance introduced me to the concept of color-stacking, as I got him 3rd after Gormek and Proteus. Skittles was my first AOE and improved my gem-matching because I had to work harder to power her up. Jack taught me about hero skill synergy, as I realized that Aeron could cancel his defense debuff (and also taught me to play tactically; even with his defense debuff, when used correctly, Jack can blow holes in the enemies team and would be worth using even if he died after). And Li was my first (and still only) 4 Yellow, and taught me about the importance of having the right colors. I realized that Yellow was a big gap for me, and got her in an elemental pull.


Don’t have any event 4*s except Gafar. He’s good but not a game changer.

For me game changers were Proteus and Wilbur. Both are insane. Proteus unfortunately retired since I got Hel, I’m using him occasionally in purple stack. Still using Wilbur in lower and mid diamond. It’s so sweet how he counters Aegir.


Another 4-star gamechanger for me is Wilbur. He allows me to engage much stronger enemies than before. Some mana potions and he can run entire battle. And with Wu Kong/Ranvir he can wreak havoc in titan battles. I just picked Hansel so he’ll definitely get there too but he is still at low level. Proteus the same.


That’s really interesting. When you think about it, every colour has a four star who completely changes the game - except blue…

Green: Hansel
Yellow: Wu
Red: Wilbur
Purple: Proteus
Blue: ???

There are some strong blues like Grimm, Kiril, Triton. But I can’t think of one that shifts the paradigm like those four. Thoughts?


My favourite 4*:
PURPLE: Proteus (mana stop), Rigard (heal + cleanse), Gafar (fast hitter, heal stop)
RED: Boldtusk (+attack), Wilbur (+defense, defense down for enemy), Scarlett (fast hitter, attack down)
BLUE: Kiril (+def, +attack), Grimm (defense down), Triton (fast hitter)
GREEN: Melendor (heal, debuff enemies), Caedmon (fast hitter, debuff enemies), Kashhrek (best 4* tank)
YELLOW: Wu Kong (must have for titans), Li Xiu (hits all enemies, mana down)


Gato is excellent! He’s my power hitter for 3*s. Keep him and if you haven’t leveled him up, do so.

What’s the deal with Muggy? I don’t understand at all…Bruiser Bros???

Because of this thread, I just put my number 4 team together. Rigard, Wilbur, Boril, Little John and Wu. In that order. They are all ascended to 3 so I have one more level. But their specials are all at 8. Gonna see how this looks.

My top 4* team is Caedmon, Chao, Ameonna, Sonia/triton and Boldtusk. In that order. They are maxed out.

I haven’t noticed a huge game changer yet. Maybe because I am using them wrong. Caedmon has helped dispel the riposte and that has been the most noticeable

Not only good skill, he has good damage tile.

Best tile damage from all *3 heroes so far.

Back to topic now.

*4 game changer: Proteus, Wilbur, Hansel, Merlin, Boldtusk, Kiril, Wu.
Worth as game changer but I don’t have it yet: Rigard, Gretel.

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To me, Rigard was a 4 * ultimate game or even mindset changer…lol.
He completely changed my perception about the threat posed by Proteus, Colen, Azlar and co.
I used to have a problem with the latter three but since I maxed him with +13 emblem, my lousy team can take a shoot from Azlar and Proteus over and over again with Rigard being the cleanser. He seem to gain mana at faster rate.

I have since bring Kunchen to last tier but I am still using Rigard more often due to the average mana speed.


Hi Jim

I assume when you say top team that is your defense? If so…

I probably wouldn’t put Ameonna at tank, as people can use her ghost form as a place to ghost tiles (quite literally) and charge their specials.

Of the heroes you list Boldtusk is a superior tank

Having two dispellers (Caedmon and Sonya) on defense seems unnecessary. Triton would be better I think

You might also consider colour stacking on attack, it is the best way to win in my view

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I don’t understand Muggy either, His health is so frail that for anything but farming with underpowered teams for experience and (fun??). I’ve seen his special activate twice and i’d call them the angry suicide brothers. Seriously, one special from a standard 2* has him on his knees.

He could have been a fantastic hero but they removed his ‘reproductive organs’. Even emblemed to the hilt, He just stands there with his bros and dies. I like the attitude but just dying is not a winning strategy IMO and has not scored one point for me in AW in anger.

Try Titan Mafias hero utility (he has a website), it’s a fantastic tool.

I’m not sure Hansel is that much of a game changer tbh. Wilbur, Proteus and Wukong for sure.

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