For new players - the 4star heroes that changed the game for me


Unfortunately, not in the top level. Too low defense. I’ve been using him for months but now I’m using him only in the class quests because I don’t have many maxed wizards.


All a matter of opinion😂 As I said he’s a mainstay on my defense team. Team synergy is a real thing. Maybe he just doesn’t work with the lineup u have😬


Kiril was my 4* game changer. I think he was my first 4* hero. I still use him. Have him at +15 as my best healer. I do have Ariel and Kunchen now, but neither are fully upgraded. I also have Vivica but she is all the way down at 1/1. Kiril is still my go-to healer, even when the rest of my defense team is 5*

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I like Kiril also. Since I began getting 5* heroes right away i didn’t have an opportunity to lvl many 4* healers on my main acct. He is the main healer on my alt acct tho☺

Angelique Talbert