For new players - the 4star heroes that changed the game for me

Hello, you seem very informed which I’m lacking. I started playing for my grandson as an activity together and I asked here for help with my list of heroes. I got 3 responses I believe with good general advice but not what I really needed. Guess I’m a bit slow these days but if I post my list here, would you take a few moments to help me? Thanks

Sure! I can’t promise I’ll be able to respond right away, since I’m technically at work right now, but I’ll do my best. But, in addition to posting your list, would you please try to be specific about what kind of advice you’re after? (I guess if it’s just, “who do I level next,” then you don’t really need to elaborate, haha!)

Oh, and also be sure to include details on heroes that you HAVE started leveling already. “Sonya 3/60” for example.

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Thank you sir, its very appreciated. I would like to know which of my guys should be my defense team and the order they should be placed. Let me know which are best for raids and which should be my priority to ascend. If you see some I should feed, let me know. Even if it takes you a few days sir, I would still be grateful. Thank you kindly.


I see you’ve made some nice progress on those 4s since you last posted these screen shots! Nice work!

At the moment, I would set up your defense team, from left to right, as follows: Kiril, Melendor, Scarlett, Grimm, Wu Kong.

Try to level Scarlett up to 3/60 as quickly as you can. In the longer term, Obakan would be a good fit as tank too. Maybe even as soon as you can get him up to 2/60? (I’m not sure what his stats look like at that point. He may be too squishy to be a viable tank.)

I selected that order for the following reasons:

  • The order that your heroes’ specials fire matters. If they happen to all be charged at the same time:
  1. You want Kiril to fire before your hitters, because of his attack buff.
  2. You want Melendor to fire before your hitters, in case any of the enemy attackers have counter-attack buffs or defense buffs active.
  3. You want Grimm to fire before Wu Kong, because Grimm’s defense debuff effect is very important; moreso than the potential extra damage his direct hit would do when buffed with Wu’s special.
  • Kiril is a good tank option, but since one of your other leveled heroes (Grimm) is also blue, it’s best to keep them relatively farther apart from each other.

Now that I’ve spent several paragraphs talking about your defense… Don’t get too hung up on your defense team! Yours is already good enough to keep you in Gold in the raid arena, and the more trophies/cups you accumulate, the harder it’s going to be to win your attacks (and therefore the longer it’s going to take to fill raid chests), so as long as I’m right about you being able to consistently stay above 1200 cups to keep getting Gold level chests, then you should be OK for a while without focusing too much more on your strongest heroes. Once you’re done getting Scarlett to 3/60, focus on your depth. Level 3s for war attacks and the new Raid Tournaments.

As for raid attacks, I’m afraid I can’t give real specific advice. You kind of have to tailor your attack team to the defense you’re up against. If the enemy has a maxed Boldtusk at tank, or multiple red heroes, you’ll want to bring two or three blue heroes to take him/them out fast.

That said, don’t use significantly weaker heroes for the sake of color coordination. Swapping 3/50 Melendor out of your attack team in favor of maxed Bane, because the enemy has three purple heroes in their defense, would probably be a good move despite Bane’s slightly lower stats. But swapping Mel out for, like, Sha Ji? That would be sacrificing too much.


This is amazing Greg, more than I hoped for. Have a blessed day.

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i know its hard to pick, but I pick Wu Kong, Cyprian and Kasshek has changed many raids, but I still believe in Wu.

The one that changed the game for me was Rigard. You see, he was my first healer with more than two stars. The jump from 27 to 42% healed was quite a difference for me. Another would be probably Kiril, which is a walking Dragon Banner. Guardian Falcon will be probably next with respect to Leaf Titans, but I just got him so too soon to tell.


also came here to give some kudos for Rigard. It took me like 3 weeks to bring him to tier 4, and although he is not yet at 4-70, has been an impressive power up for my roster. The card I needed to do it better in raids, and he is now ready for springvale and upcoming Avalon. Rigard + BT + Triton’s healing buff has made my team very hard to kill. Can’t wait to add Wilbur to the party

I don’t know if Rigard is worth it the emblems, I haven’t used any cleric emblems, so I should have a decent amount of then. What do you guys think?

Rigard is definately worth the emblem. He is among the few 4 * that hold themselves very well against the big guy in high diamond arena.
Unless you’ve got Kunchen around, Rigard, Cyprian and Sartana will do very well against a Guin tank.
Rigard at lvl 5 talent grid is already equivalent to few 5 * stats.

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Proteus FTW - Post Must be at least 20 characters


I have Skittle and I love him! He kicks butt! Now if I could only find 2 more sturdy shields…

Hey Kitty, welcome to the forum

Skittleskull is a bit of fun, but probably not regarded as a top tier four star overall. Of course the best 4 star to use is the one you actually have, so if you want to give Skittles the shields because you’re enjoying using her and she’s all you’ve got then knock yourself out

For context, I have ascended 6 green heroes past that point and Skittles still sits at 3/60.

Anyway good luck with your game


Kashrek was the first four star I got excited about. He is still my nemesis in raids … I’ll always have a love/hate relationship with him.

Getting Wu Kong (after a year of playing) was my next most exciting moment.

Now my new favourites are Proteus and Wibur.

There are certainly LOTS of 4 stars I have great respect for, like BT and Rigard, Sonya, actually quite a few I like.

  1. Kashhrek was one of my earliest acquisition and he was so good at holding (and acquiring) cups that he made it difficult to fill my raid chest with my healer/utility heavy team at the time.

  2. BT, Kiril, Rigard. These guys are all great, but for me it was Sabina that came first and was the game changer as 4* healer and dispeller.

  3. Grimm for a relatively long time he was both my one pulverizer and my main hitter (see point 1).

  4. Wu the game changer for titans

  5. Dipping into the fancier hero pools: Buddy, Gafar, Gretel, Jackal, Proteus and Wilbur. I only just got Proteus yesterday so I’m leaping to contusions on that one, but the others have all been used routinely.


You are going to love Proteus.


I have no doubts, mana control is so, so, so strong in this game that it is always nice to add to the arsenal. Especially since all my other mana management options are holy :slight_smile:

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First 4* heroes I got were Kelile and Agwe. Neither one were really game changers though. The first game changer for me was Melendor. I still use him regularly. :+1:

My first four star was Rigard followed by Gormek and then Hansel, all still heavily used today.

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I was the same about proteus (like practically no damage, what?) when I got him. Luckily I was part of an alliance (go rin no sho) that explained just how awesome he is and why (freezing mana gen is HUGE) so I not only kept him but fed him too.
this is a really good guide/post. A lot of high level players forget how important it is to work your way up or you end up spending FOREVER trying to level up your one 5* with only a bunch of 3*s.

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Kash was my 1st maxed hero. He is a defensive beast. He is my go to tank for rn. Kunch will eventually take his place. But he will be moved to flank. Can’t imagine my defense team w/o him!!

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