For new players - the 4star heroes that changed the game for me

Boril can be your tank on defense and is actually fantastic against all AoE hitters when on offense. He can win you raids but it won’t be his tile damage that does it. Once the riposte is up, drop tiles onto the AoE enemies, snipers are more dangerous to you b/c there is a 40% chance they target one of your uncovered heroes. AoE will always kill itself if riposte is on three heroes.

Boril changed the game for me and allowed me to plow through the stages when my team was still quite weak.

Tibby and Kelile will both be good for a while. Li Xiu will serve you well too. Wu isn’t a great defender but brilliant on Titans (key source of loot).

Attacking, you should adjust your team based on what is strongest against your enemy, there is rarely one attacking raid team for all situations.

For defense:
Skittles / Kelile / Boril / Li Xiu / Tibby

Can swap Li and Tibby. Having red next to blue tank means the green tiles that miss Boril do 1/2 damage to Kelile.

If you can get a good 4* healer it will aid you tremendously, all have their merits. My first cleanser was Zimkitha as Rigard joined me VERY late in the game but cleanse is huge and Rigard is the toughest of the big percentage 4* healers (Rigard/Sabina/Melendor all 42%) Kiril and Boldtusk much less but excellent secondary effects…

Game Changing 4 Heroes:*
Amazing Forever:
Wu Kong

“Merely” Excellent:

Only have listed heroes I have personal experience with, don’t have Gretel, haven’t leveled Merlin or Gafar or Jabbar so didn’t list them. Merlin belongs on the Amazing Forever list though.

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Great topic! I’m really enjoying all the interesting takes on which 4* makes a difference.
Rigard with the heal/cleanse is two heroes in one. Got to love that!
Triton his bonus buff to any healing is great. I just need to ensure his special fires first before any healer. Love his smack down trident toss!
Gormek takes a punch pretty well and his defense down is sweet.
Li Xiu for area of effect and Mana reduction. That often gives me a turn or two breathing space and the game can swing around to my favor because of that alone.
Wu Kong, well he’s a drunk monk Kung Fu master and really helped (mostly) my Titan attacks. He’s the uncle with the bad jokes but good beer. Tile damages can be truly epic when the cascades of combos flow!
I don’t have a fave green/nature 4*, because I don’t have a 4* there. 5* yup. But I would love to have Kashherk.

May the RNG be ever in your favor!

Continuing with 4* that changed my gameplay: Hansel. His special is extremely useful for mana control, especially when healer is about to fire. Since he is fast, he is probably charged faster than any healer (is there even some fast healer?). Just fire at enemy that is about to be charged then drop some tokens on him. Very useful in Raids. Also that sound of his attack is so satisfying, almost as to say: you’re screwed.

The next would be Proteus. Actually I find this Epic Challenge event easier than Rare because I can use him and Guardian’s Owl Special is actually a threat there. That poison helps too. His talent is only thing that is kinda not in line with him.

Also got Guardian Jackal, so I will look up to how he will pan out, but since he is my first Very Fast hero and Falcon is great against titans or bosses even when being Average, I think I will be pleased (well, I already am since I wanted Jackal very much).


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For me, it was my first 4s, BoldTusk, Gormek and Kashrek, followed a little later by Sabina. Once you are past about 3000pts on your defence team, Kashrek starts becoming irrelevant (I have 2)
That is I have 2 of a few; 2 Sabinas, 2 Rigards plus 2 Kashreks (@3:60 only not worth ascending) and my favourites, my 2 Sonyas. Two Sonyas are awesome in a stack as they charge simultaneously and make a fearsome combo. EDIT: much later Caedmon become my go to 4 star green, Little John and Skittleskull lack decent hit points and die too easy as well as being slow.
I love my fast hitters; 2 Sonyas and Caedmon and my second good recent healer Rigard. However, my next trap tools are going to be used to level up Sartana I think as she is a fast big hit sniper (dies pretty easy at 2:60 but should be a match for most 4s at 3:70). Getting her to 4:80 is a long way away given that darts elude me.

Oooohhh, gotcha, my bad. Thnx!

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The problem I have is that I haven’t been playing very long and I am having a difficult time deciding which heroes to use. I will say that I have spent money on the game because I enjoy it so that has assisted me in getting some heroes.

After reading some strategies, I’ve been going with two or three colors for raids. I have been using Wilbur, Boldtusk consistently with Joon. I have been rotating proteus and Merlin in with the original three, or using Melendor too. I do have Wu Kong, but I don’t find I have any attackers per se if I use him. I also have Colen, but I don’t find him terribly effective.

I also have tiburtus sabina and boomer that are not leveled and rarely used.

I’m just looking for a little guidance on this, as I have been very fortunate with my pills.

My go to raid stack these days has been Triton 3.60, Grimm 4.66, Kiril 4.70, Rigard 4.70, and Wu Kong 4.70. Then I’ll do a few rerolls looking for a red tank or in my revenges. Wu is the key to hitting above your weight. I tend to sit around 1950-2250 cups. Just beat a 4100tp team with Gravemaker +5 tank with the team I mentioned above.

Ideally I’d raid in a 3-2, or 3-1-1 if, like at this point, I didn’t have enough leveled up heroes for 3-2. I’ll rotate a red stack of Wilbur+13, BT 4.65, and Gormek 3.60 for green tanks.

So for raids, stacking is key and I find 3-2 plenty with even a decent board. Then aim for heroes with good team synergy like Kiril atk+/def+ with Grimms def debuff. Roll Wu into the mix and you’ve got a chance for devastating tile damage.

@_Dave You and me both, I am at 10 months, with the last 3 out of a large alliance. I spend hours deciding on matchups for alliance war for example. All I can advise is know your colours, take your time and select heroes that work together. BT for example is awesome for the attack buff but is not much of a tank but is awesome on flanks or wings. High hitpoint fast snipers like Sonya and Caedmon are fantastic on flanks or wings; BT is also only his best on flank or wing.
My advice is choose wisely and use, where you can, an attack buff like BT, dispellers/and or snipers (Sonya, Caedmon) and or a cleanser/healer like Rigard or healer Sabina debuffer. I guarantee you will take out high spending newbies who lack understanding of game mechanics. You want hits on tanks to charge flanks on defense.

Lastly, a bad board can kill you but a good one leads to epic wins. That said, it is how you play the board and your opposition. A triple stack defence (3,2) when you are on attack can be a bonus played right and a healer debuffer or a dispeller is almost always an asset (pick carefully, if they cannot debuff you a dispeller is useless). For static defense, I rejoice when I see Wu as he is an easy kill and opens a hole for ghosting tiles.

Lastly, enjoy. I spend beer money on the game. My ego does not require me to be the best out there.

EDIT: google Coppersky empires and puzzles. Her web design is very average but her tips are invaluable.

I’d recommend leveling Sabina. There will always be times you need healers, and times you need dispellers, she is both.

Wu really shines on titans, because he’s bumping tile damage, and that’s what hurts titans the most. Search the forums for Wu Kong titans, and you will find some good stuff to help you use him. Just put him off to the side as an attacker buffer against any titan - except yellow.

@Pijomir First off welcome to the forums! In terms of who your ascending priority should be with your current team, Wu Kong first as he will be one of those heroes you will be taking with you everywhere. Tibs as he is one of the pulverizer bros, Boril can wait as while he is good with AoE bosses and heroes, his riposte is easily dispelled by healer dispellers and sniper difpellers. Same with Cyprian. Tibs should take priority over every other hero you have not maxed out.

Reason being because having a defense down hero is vital early on. Him combined with the attack increase from Wu Kong will be devastating.

@_Dave, when on attack, take your time to check out the board. Just matching 3 doesn’t cut it. Well thought out tile matching against opposition and try to think ahead; the game will wait, it’s not a race. You actually have about 10 or 15 minutes. If given no choice of a decent hit always try to hit heroes with weak colour tiles. Stay away from mana charging enemy snipers that can one hit you. Titans, by contrast, are just 90 seconds of terror; clear any worthless set of tiles you can. A weak colour diamond/gem can set off a fantastic high hit point cascade.

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I am gonna add my two cents in for when I started playing in the first month or so of February of this year. Grimm and Chao were my game changers when I started. Game didn’t give me any healers for a good 5 months. Then I got Belith and Hawkmoon. By then though, my roster had been pretty developed.

About two to three months after I started, one lonely night, I drew from the Atlantis Summon and grabbed Proteus. My game just vastly improved from there. His mana stop is invaluable everywhere, unless dark is being reflected. I power leveled his bacon up whenever I could. Imo, he is the #1 4 star hero in this entire game.

Thx for this topic, it reminds me that I’ve been pretty lucky in this game so far because I got Kiril, Rigard, Wilbur and Hansel pretty soon in the game and these have been instrumental on finishing season 2. So those 4 are the best 4* of each color imo. For yellow I only have Chao but he’s not the greatest. If you don’t have those 4*’s, I hope you get them soon. Good luck


At the risk of being called lazy, I’m hoping someone can help me decide on attack and defense teams, my current team for both is Bane, Kiril, Tibertus, Hawkmoon, Caedmon (L-R). But I recently came upon some 4* healers that I’m hoping to put to use. Only been playing a couple months so I’m still a newb! :slight_smile:

Reading this thread has reminded me how incredible Hansel is. I loved him–and then I stripped his emblems to give them to Vivica. Now he’s really squishy and so I pass over him a lot.

By “squishy” I mean he’s not sturdy enough to stand up against War and Raid opponents in the 4100-4300 TP Range, at least as compared to my green 5*.

Even so, I need to build him back up again!


As a newish player I am kind of puzzled by this - can someone explain the choice in the 3* recommendations? I’ve been playing for 3 months and am in a nice alliance that kills titans that are 7 stars and over.

I am at 1.4k cups (1557 is my top score, not really a big fan of pvp, I suck at it), my defense team is 2.9k and my highest TP is 3k but it’s 2 colored only so I can’t use it in defense.

So at such a low level of play, barely the start of the Gold tier and weak titans all the aforementioned 3* heroes work only if you get a good board - god forbid you get a mediocre one or a bad one, then the 3* suggested will definetely not make it, they are not durable enough.

I mean, they have cool specials that are really useful from time to time but I’d say they are very situational and you need to be very lucky.

Let’s say Brienne or Valen - either you charge them at the beginning of a titan fight or they will be one shot by a 7* titan and that’s the utility for you.

Same goes for pvp, if I am not lucky with 3/2 stacking against the tank, all the 3* I take with me will simple not withstand all the damage by the enemy team.

It’s the same for Scenarios - I’m in S1-22-07 and heroes like Hawkmoon or Nashgar or this lizard dude from Atlantis don’t work at all, they get killed before the main boss fight. And in order to keep them alive by the time I reach wave 4 or 5 I’ve spent all the potions and/or different items.

War, I won’t even mention that. Unless I clear the leftovers or get lucky stacking against enemy tanks, it’s a game over for me, even if I stack those recommended 3* heroes -again, they are too weak to withstand heat from stacking of much stronger or more skilled players.

Are the aforementioned problems simply due to my luck of skill, being terrible at the fights, the board being against me, or am I doing something wrong?

I can post my measly roster here, give you my line ID and we could discuss it further, but nowadays unless we drop to a 6* titan or I get lucky rerolling in raids or RNGJesus blesses me /w a good board, I feel like I really stand out and compete with others and it starts getting less funny.

Edit: Here’s my roster on imgur and all the info about my buildings. If someone could give me some advice I’d appreciate it.

You clearly have some 4* or 5* heroes. That may have been written for someone far less far along in the game, or who is focused on which of the 3* they have to keep for use in events and tourneys.

Also, you are looking at these heroes from a titan perspective only, and you are forgetting that you can stun titans, as well as use mana potions to charge heroes up.

One could then argues that since they aren’t good at tians, all 3* heroes suck, since titans and 5* heroes kill them easily. However, 5* heroes are really, really awful at 4* and below events tourneys, for example, so do they then also suck? Given that, every hero sucks at something.

You have to compare like against like, so this is among 3* heroes. Here are the reasons:
Bane comes for free as your first decent hero, and has blind, and hits well.
Kailani & Gunnar actually help you stay alive by spreading out damage.
Beliuth & Hawkmoon heal.
Other heroes are good mostly due to fast speed, or dropping defense, etc…

Realize that at where you are in the game most 3* won’t work well for map farming, but some are still okay. Some of the Atlantis 3* heroes are much better.

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