For new player's 2nd war - make opt in required again

I think this is a problem unique to starter alliances (0 cups no invite types).

I think a lot of new players make mistakes when they play their first war - they don’t realize what they are getting into, and then don’t realize they are automatically in future wars until they opt out. I think some sort of follow up prompt would help after the first war.

For example:
“Would you like to participate in all future wars (you can choose to participate at any time if you choose no now)?”

The problem for starter alliances - if you have a “use all flags requirement”, and they can’t, not a big deal, they figure it out, that’s how you learn, but then next time they are in war and may not even realize it, and then it becomes a problem for the alliance - do you kick the player to stop them from bringing the active players down or keep giving them chances?

At least if there was a follow up prompt they would realize they needed to opt out or that they were opted in, I guess. This is similar to other war requests, but I think an alternate way of handling it.

I have experienced this issue. I think it would be good if leaders could opt out members that are not using all their flags.

Also i think the leader should be able to set a requirement. Must use 0-6 flags on war, if the reuqirment is not met, the individual player is automatically sat out next war. In an allaince of 30 sometimes its like herding cats to try and get a few individuals to use their flags, keeps people from freeloading on hard earned war chest rewards they didnt do their part to acheive, and takes some heat off of the leader so they dont have to nag pr use disciplinary action, just a thought

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