For military players

As a leader I have rules non active players non Titan hitters get booted after 2 days without letting us know you can’t be on. Which I find is fair enough my rules are easy and simply. Today I found out I got a active military player.
I come from a military family so I TOTALLY understand what it means. He was asking if he be kicked. Now active Military is Totally different from a 9-5 job. If they can keep us safe we can keep them safe in the game.
I think anyone who has a active military player should not be kicked just my thoughts but I hope some people have the same thoughts I do on it. And pray for there safe return home.
I feel they can protect us we can keep there spot in the game.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

Thanks for your comment on it. I know there are people who do ontghink like me but it give room to change maybe.

I might understand your point of view and your pride in military, but allow me to say that is cultural and somehow can be limited. First of all really please understand that I am writing with full respect and only because I think you wanted to share your opinion - so I feel to share mine.
The same concept you should apply to anyone, as anyone is actually needed, even if you do not think of. Easy examples are firefighters or police or healthcare personnel and so on…
But then, who is working to construct the vehicle or tools for those? aren’t necessary?
And who is building the component for the those who build the vehicles and tools?
Who is getting the materials for the components?
Who is providing food? Entertainment so that troops can relax for dark moments?

What I would like from the leader is a comprehensive and smart application of the rules, that is fare and respecting all.
I don’t know if means to keep that player in the alliance, or promise that a place will be always available once back or be straight… Up to you and you alliance.
At the end… is a game…

For sure, most of all, hope a safe return home…

Ok understand what you are talking about. At this time it is about a military m@n. And. I always put others jobs I have giving off days or weeks just depends on the person and what there needs are. And yes it is my opinion. And this is yours nothing wrong with it.
If one of my players needs time off they get. At this point I was shocked I had a active member most are retired.
Thanks for you thoughts on it

Post here once you will know how is he doing… Hope OK