For future map levels: More bosses in general + more epic bosses like Ursena

First: I really enjoyed the different battle modes (dense fog, underwater, …) in season 2 and hope that in future map levels there will be a lot of levels with similar battle modes.

However, I think that the bosses were a bit monotonous. 90 % of the levels only had one boss, sometimes even with a special attack that can super-easily be countered with antidotes (like Proteus) or an effect that is useless if there isn’t another boss (like Triton’s heal boost when there isn’t another boss that can heal). I missed the ‘hard’ season 1 stages where every wave had monstes with mana bar and special attack. Imagine those stages with 3* heroes like Namahage, Melia etc. as mini-bosses in the mob waves and two or three 4* or 5* Atlantis heroes in the final wave. Would be great fun, wouldn’t it?

Also, I really enjoyed the epic battle against Ursena (admittedly, it took quite some time). What about having unique epic bosses at the end of each province (or the end of every three provinces)? I would definitely appreciate that :slight_smile:

All in all I’m a huge fan of playing map levels, I’m a bit sad that there won’t be new ones for several months :frowning: but I think that more variety (battle modes, more/different bosses, more epic boss fights) would make progressing through the map less grindy and add a lot more fun :slight_smile:


Yes, I hope the Ursena boss/titan-style thing is used more in the future. It was a cool change of pace, though it took me about 13 minutes to slog through it on normal!

As for the province stages, I think I understand why there has to be sooo many…to keep us all busy for a while. But admittedly it does get monotonous. I acknowledge it’s tough for the creators to come up with a ton of new special stages though


Making the world energy so high ruined it for me. You get going and you are out of flags.

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Yes, Ursena was good fun especially since the special was unknown and the board was unique that was fun and a well needed switch up. I agree we can use some flavor now especially since there is a gap between now and season 3

I agree that the world energy of Season 2 is too high. And I really enjoyed the Ursena fight, that was a lot of fun! Nice rewards also.

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More bosses would be nice. I was so over Gadeirus by the end of Atlantis, he popped up 14 times in the last 3 levels. A little too much for my taste although I was much happier to fight him than the Kirin…

I think of the map for both completion and for farming.

Boss levels you play once like Ursena are great for completion. I liked it (Normal; I’ve got another 8 or 9 hard stages to finish before I take a crack at hard)

But for farming, they are awful unless the farming loot is amazing (it wasn’t!) a lot of WE, a lot of time, and nothing incredible to show for it.

So I’d rather not see TOO many of them.

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I think there is another reason- Atlantis coins. ( 270x 3 )+ 300= 1,110 and ( 270x 5 )+ 500= 1,850. Or 11x summons and 18x summons.

What they could do is half the provinces and add two difficulty levels ( Very Easy and Easy ). Or add a stage 11 to each Province with a mini titan like the mini titan in 2.27-10 that awards 30x season 3 coins for normal and 50x for hard.



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I kinda consider the Atlantis coins a distributed completion award. You get it for making it through once, and it isn’t there if you go back again. (Only 8 hard levels left!)

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Although on average, you get more recruits per WE on S2 normal, but I will agree the WE per stage is too high, 6 or 7 would have been more like it.

Some bosses were easier to deal with than others, antidotes did help against some in particular that casted silence (the pterosaurian and the jellyfish).

The hardest ones I found were the ones who buffed themselves, the Moth, the Steg, Tarlak, that stupid Crane (seriously ■■■■ that bird lol)… I’m on hard mode right now and I found all those to be tough for me.

I think that Elite enemies were overall harder, at least for the point of the game I was in compared to the special stages in season 2. Maybe that’s because my bench was significantly smaller at the time, or maybe those levels were truly harder due to having to deal through a grind of special skills. That said, all special skills in season 1 could also be dealt with antidotes, but because they were throughout the stage you had to be more careful with antidote use (i.e. try not to run out for the bosses).