For f2p players - level 71 - only have 1 5* blue hero

Hi just askin… am i d only f2p level 71 , whos playing 3yrs now that only have 1 5* blue hero? Sad but true :frowning::frowning::frowning:

That’s pretty dreadful luck.

How many TC are you running?


My co-mate (60 level) has only one red 5* hero… It’s OK for this game. Especially if you are F2P

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I am now at level 68, but I had only one five star blue (Magni) until 2020 November (after a bit more than two years of playing), when I got Glenda.


Do you literally have one blue 5*, or just the same blue 5*?

I’m sorry about your luck. Unfortunately, especially as f2p, you cannot choose which colour/s is lucky for you.

Fwiw, I had just one non-S1 5* for literally 2+ years as f2p then vc2p. Suddenly, my summoning luck changed in 2020.

It sounds like you are due for a new blue 5*! :four_leaf_clover:

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Btw, you are not the only one.

@Muchacho is f2p, 3 years playing. He has one red 5* Azlar.


I’m level 70, pretty much F2P/VC2P and until last month I only had one red 5 star (Azlar) even though I had two TC20s running for almost 1.5 years. Luckily, last month I pulled Elena and cMarjana. But yeah, RNG is a cruel mistress.


I lack greens, close to 2yrs of playing. I got lucky last year and pulled Francine but if not my green crew is made by tc20 heroes, Kadilen,Elkanen and Horghall (not leveled). Up to Francine my only green was Elkanen from tc 20

So, keep tc 20 running and those good blues will arrive. Magni , Richard and Thorne and Isarnia. They are pretty ok for F2P and no other blue around. Good luck!

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Well at least I am famous … infamous? :laughing:

Sad but true regarding Azlar. Pulled heavy for Reuben because even he would be an improvement … RNG said no reds for you!


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A lot like 300+ and get only 3* :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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I hope so… really just one and its isarnia lol *sad face

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Thank u… :beers::beers::beers: hopefully tc20 give meh magni

i am f2p, lvl 52, play to 1 year and 1/2 and have a 1 only purple hero 5s ( zulag ) :slight_smile:

Mate, that is the worst luck I have ever heard. I’m F2P as well but have about 2/3 of each colour. Sometimes I feel like whining when i haven’t got anything in awhile and i think I will read this post and feel better about myself :stuck_out_tongue:

I suggest to go for 2 TC lvl 20, because your chance to get 5* is way higher then

I play since end of March 2020 and training camps got me:

2x Khagan

Only 1 green, but I got enough heroes to ascend

The more I see of such posts, the more I stay convinced that I should learn to play this game as a mostly f2p with almost exclusively teams of emblemed 4* S1 heroes. At least that would save me the disappointment of not getting the 4* mats. 3* mats seem to be abundant after a certain point.

Good luck! Even with my decent ice roster i still miss a magni. So , nothing of meh with him

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I think you should run x3 TC20.

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