For beginners and EP Vets from 7 Feb 21

It has been a day since I posted…I have made it to level 14. I have also upgraded my stronghold to 7 and have upgraded 10 of 19 buildings to level 7.

I have participated in my first war…did not go so well. Got annihilated.

My iron production seems pretty good. I have hovered around 200K all day. Food production is not as good. I get to 30K and I burn it leveling up my heroes.

My current hero roster is ingolf, balthazar, Oberon, prisca and bane. I have won 83 raid battles and my highest titan damage is 7113. Gem total is 87. They are coming fewer and fewer.

Path of valor opened. I have received the free reward through level 12. I don’t have much hope of getting very far on it but free is free.

Ninja tower is not open to me until level 20. Trials of shadows is not open until level 15. I was not able to get into the raid tournament. It was not open to me but it will be open next time.

Aren’t you disappointed you didn’t get a 4* trainer?

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