For beginners and EP Vets from 7 Feb 21

Like many of you, I love playing SG E&P…I have been playing for about 5 months now. I started right before the Halloween event…can’t remember what it was called. I remember not understanding what it was about or having any mined items to do anything. So I did what most people probably would have done in my shoes…bought gems and summoned blindly. All of those summoned heroes are now gone from my heroes list. Some intentionally…others accidentally. When I started playing, I completed the tutorial and remember it telling me what some things were…other things I do not remember so well. Anyway, In my short playing time I have even been in a couple alliances. I believe I have found a good one…shout out MHI Texas. We have a good time working through events together and helping each other out. Taking advice here and there…commiserating about weak pulls during events…etc…a bunch of good people. Back to the reason for my post. I have reached a point where the time to do anything is basically…forever. 8 days here…2 days there…etc. I kept thinking of ways I should have played differently. Perhaps I didn’t build up my base well. Or I used too many gems for foolish things…stuff like that. So I decided to start a new account on my iPad, independent of my current, level 31 account.

I downloaded the game Sunday morning, 7 February, and set for myself three overarching rules…no money (except possibly VIP for a second builder later on), save all gems (for now), and build evenly (all buildings get leveled up as much as possible before I level up the stronghold again). I then added a fourth rule…do not use any summons received as a reward until I have at least 10.

I worked methodically through the tutorial. I paid attention to what it was telling me and since I now had a good grasp of the game it made way more sense (I did not realize monsters have countdown clocks before attacks). Like all of you…including my original account…at the end of the tutorial I completed province 1 and had received Bane, Layla and Sharan. I did not remember that the tutorial ascends Sharan for me. I built all the buildings I could at level 1 of the stronghold and then I leveled up my stronghold to level 2. I feel that right now, in my level 31 account, that I have to go back and level up different buildings so I can then take advantage of what the game is offering…and it takes forever. Right now with the new account most things are well under an hour or two, even the stronghold.

At the end of day one I was at level 3. I was able to upgrade my stronghold to level 3 and most structures also to level three. I used mystic vision twice and even completed a monster quest. Didn’t get much of anything of note in any of those. I had 3 summon tokens and 203 gems. I did not have any troops yet. I did not play any levels in province 2 yet…I just replayed province 1 stage 4 (P1S4) a bunch of times. Also…I made a conscious choice to NOT rebuild the watch tower yet. I do not want to open myself up to raid attacks.

My main hero team at the end of the day was Bane, Layla, Sharan, Brand, and Derric.

I will post again after day two.


Nice project! 20 times

8 February 2021
I logged into my new account after I had done all my housekeeping tasks in my level 31 account. I emptied my farms and watched mystic vision…nothing good. I used the accumulated ham to make some level ups of Bane and Layla. The free summon was not ready yet so I used my accumulated iron and leveled up a few more buildings to level 3. I then used all my WE to auto play P1S4 to get more ham and iron. By then the free summon was ready…and I got Prisca! I was amazed by that for some reason. It was an awesome feeling. I immediately replaced Layla in my team (all elements represented) and used what I had to throw some levels on her. I then had 3 more WE so I played P1S4 again to get my level 4…another summon token and I again filled up a monster wanted chest…another summon token…and some emblems ( I remember getting these 5 months ago and not knowing what the heck they were for)…now I know…

I was now ready to level up my stronghold to level 4 but I needed 26,600 iron. My two iron farms maxed out at level 3 make 3200 an hour…so it was going to take a bit…I used my WE as often as I checked in. Again only on P1S4 on auto play. I also was using troops to level up Bane and Prisca as often and as much as I could with my limited ham quantities.

The tutorial did not cover how experience points are calculated. I believe they are awarded based on how well you beat the level. What kind of damage you do…how quickly…health of heroes at the end of the match. Stuff like that. My experience points for P1S4 had been a consistent 58-59 with Layla on the team. With Prisca it stayed at 58-59. 58-59 is about 60% of the way to max experience points. I tried to play the stage myself (not auto) to see if my playing method and strategy made a difference…it didn’t. Kinda frustrating.

At this point in the game I am not able to do my normal hero level up procedures due to roster size and ham quantity. I try to feed dark heroes to dark heroes and holy to holy, ten at a time, etc. but in the beginning you just don’t have to space or food to do it.

Once I had the iron saved up I leveled up my stronghold…55 minutes. Once done, I was able start the level up process for all buildings I started with iron farms since everything except the iron farms takes iron. Completed another mystic vision…some emblems and gems.

I hit a hard stop with my ham amounts. As I was upgrading my two iron farms, I reached my hero limit. I was unable to level up my heroes for a while…and I received a warning that if I used WE on a level that any heroes awarded as loot would not be received. So I was kinda stuck for a bit.

I was able to use the training camp to get Olaf. He replaced Brand on my team.

I logged back in a few hours later which allowed my ham farms to get a healthy stock. I leveled up Bane and Prisca and after my two iron farms were leveled up to 4 I started on the food farms. I also began work on another monster wanted trunk.

I finally moved onto P2S1 to get more experience and loot. Mainly food and iron. I also completed the monster wanted trunk…nothing good to report. I leveled up to level 4 and moved on to P2S3 and it gave me a free troop summon. I pulled a nature 2 star. I kept running out of food to level up my heroes. So I had to push on. I made it to P3S2 fairly easy but again my hero roster was full. My recruit limit had been reached and I did not have enough food to do anything. So I decided to set an iron storage to level up and call it a night on it.

My end of day info is
256 Gems
P3S1 complete
6 summon tokens
Hero roster is Bane, Prisca, Olaf, Aife and Sharan
Level 5 @ 25 %
Level 4 stronghold
7 out of 14 buildings are at level 4

Gonna try and stay awake for another mystic vision video…but that is an hour from now…we shall see.

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Very nice diary, keep goin on

This game is a marathon not a sprint so I’d advise against trying to stay up for mystic visions :joy:

They come every 8 hours and there’s always tomorrow.

But keep up the diary. Good to read new players insights.


Yeah but missing on a Mystic Vision is like missing on a D100 chance of rolling a 100…The more throws you get, the better odds you have.

Of course but I wouldn’t damage my sleeping pattern for it. That path leads down very quickly.


That requires a bit of planning ahead but it’s doable. My MV scedule is set on 8.00-16.00-0.00. That way no sleeping pattern is broken and I watch 3 MV per day.

Edit: I don’t watch them, of course. Just run them and do something else.

Seeming that I am unlikely to get my account back… I refused to restart this game…

However lol… I decided to start anyways in hope that SG will hook me up in the next day or two. So I am going through the exact same process as you :crazy_face:

Started Yesterday… Currently Lv 6… Its sooooo frustrating lol… Where is the endless supply of ham???

And Recruit Storage? lol

PS @Rrmcgregor, If your jnr base is in a low key alliance, I will gladly join

Day three of my experiment proved the same as the other two days. Too many things to do and not enough resources to do it. I started by leveling up my last iron storage and Bane and prisca as much as possible. Then I watched mystic vision which gave me some gems and a battle item. My recruits were still full but I had no ham to train any of them.

My daily summon was not yet ready so I played more of P3. I got all the way to stage 7 and that is when I realized I needed the watchtower rebuilt to go any further. Bummer. Did not make the connection between this requirement and the watchtower. Now I know. So…as soon as the iron storage was finished I rebuilt the watchtower. Doing that opened the heroes wanted chest as well. The watchtower only adds 540 food production an hour. That seems to really be my hold up. Food production.

Daily summon was Deric. Disappointing.

I easily beat P3S7 with my team. Got 4000 food and iron. That was a nice boost. I moved on to p4S1 and it was during this level that one of my heroes died in battle for the first time.

At this point I had enough iron to level up my training camp…it took me to near 0 though. It will be a long day of iron farming to get the last 5 buildings leveled up. My monster wanted chest has not reset yet…so no news on that front just yet.

It has been several hours since I rebuilt the watchtower and I have already been attacked two times…I won both! That was a big boost to my stores. I also received 5 gems and a summon token from SG for “testing my strength”. I also got an invite from an alliance. I went ahead and joined and my titan wanted chest appeared. Shout out to my new team mates in Thunder Power. Still no monster wanted chest but it is getting close to resetting.

Monster wanted chest reset and I was able to complete it while leveling myself up to level 6. Got a summon token. That puts me at 9. I also am well on my way to completing the hero wanted chest. I am getting beat about 50% of the time right now…that will improve. I have 37 trophies! I also have gotten my watchtower to level 4 along with all other buildings. I am saving up for the level 5 stronghold upgrade now…47,700 iron. Trying to save up my food as well to around 25K or so…then I can try and level up bane with a full 10 heroes and up my chances for special skill upgrade.

I can’t wait for my 10 summon tokens to be ready.

I also have already received 4 two star troops: nature, holy, dark and ice. Can’t upgrade them for a long while yet…but they do help.

Most of the day was spent using WE and RE to get ham and iron. As a part of my new alliance, I faced my first titan…a 7 star blaze dragon. My attack totals were: 1266, 987, and 1234. Absolutely horrible…but it was totally expected.

I was able to set my stronghold to upgrade to level 5 at the end of the day. All other buildings are at level 4. I did get my 10th summon token and did my 10 pulls. 5 heroes…all 1 star…5 troops…all 1 star. Weak.

End of day stats.
I’m at level 7…20% to level 8
I have 297 gems
My team is bane (level 21), prisca (level 27), needler, sharan and ragnhild.
I have 0 summon tokens.
I am part of an alliance and have attacked a titan 6 total times in

It seems to be low key…both of them. They do have minimum participation levels though. I think that is good for the success of the alliance.

Day four started out fresh. Everything ready for level 5.

I got Tudan with my free summon…ugh. I was able to expand my base with 4 more buildings which included another food mine… that was job one…get them all to equal levels. My monster and hero wanted chests were both reset and I had two piddly titan attacks ready.

Mystic vision gave me some gems and a costume key.

I was able to level Bane up to 30. He is ready to ascend but I do not have the leather armor or the food yet. I can’t even get the armor as a reward until province 9. Holy cow. So. He is stuck for a bit.

I went ahead and took a shot at P4S4…elite enemies…needler died right away but the other four made it to the boss level. Sharan died on the first shot. Bane died shortly after. But Prisca and ragnhild finished them off. Amazingly.

Quick note on my two best heroes. As I mentioned, Bane is ready to ascend and his health is 468., power is 283. Prisca is at level 27…and has the same power, 283, but her health way higher at 506…crazy

I worked my way to P4S4 and barely beat it. I will not play P4S5 (elite) until I get at least another three star hero…I feel it will be a waste if WE.

I leveled Prisca up to 30 and now she is also waiting for ascension material.

Neither Bane or Prisca has been able to have their specials level up yet. Both are still at 1 of 8. Stinks prisca is at 287 power though. 4 more than Bane at the same level. Interesting

Finished the monster wanted mission…no summon token.

Got another gift from SG. 5 gems and a bear banner.

I am saving my ham for the watchtower upgrade to level 5.

I reached a dead stop on upgrade of my structures after 5 of them had been upgraded to level 5, ran out of iron. I still have 14 of them to get to level 5. This may take a day or so to do. My iron mines are maxed out at level 5. Chugging along

My first titan with the alliance escaped. I received loot on the D level. Basically it was food and iron which are all I really care about right now anyway.

At mid-day I leveled up to level 8 and received a summon token. I used it right away in hopes of getting a 3 star. Belith would be my choice of choices right now. But alas I got aife.

I finished my hero wanted chest…no summon token.

After my second mystic vision of the day I went ahead and decided it was time to level up a two star. I chose needler over ragnhild. I was able to easily get him to level 20 and then ascend him…along the way he picked up 2 levels on his special skill. Not bad.

I gave my team a shot at P5S5…sharan died on the second level. Ragnhild died immediately in the third. Bane died on the third level too. Needler and Prisca died on the boss level. No luck.

At the end of the day I had 9 of 17 buildings up to level 5 including all iron and food mines as well as the watch tower. 8 more to go tomorrow.

Level 8 56%complete
My heroes team is Bane (ready to ascend), Prisca (ready to ascend), needler ascended and on level 17, ragnhild and sharan.
Only two summons today.
341 gems. I realize this is enough for an epic or elemental summon…and I am guaranteed a three star. Just not ready to pull that trigger.
Highest level beaten P5S4.

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Day five:

Got Hiraku from the free summon.

Started my level upgrades. 8 to go to get all to level 5.

Used two titan attacks. Got 2100 points of one of them. Amazing.

Used all 6 raid energies…out of the 6 raids I killed 8 heroes. Ridiculous. I went up agains kadilen, quintus, and hornhall… Ridiculous.

I see the new legends summon in the summon gate. I do not have access to the event quests yet because I have not reached level 10 yet…that can be really confusing to new players. There is no real explanation about what it is or who these people are…just a bunch of stars and wonderful sounding abilities that makes people throw money at it. I am seriously considering dropping 300 gems on it though. I will get a 3 star which will be amazingly helpful in moving on from P5S4.

My monster wanted chest had not reset yet, it still had 3 hours to go…and since it takes 190 minutes to refill WE I figured I’d go ahead and auto play P5S3 7 times (have to wait for 20 minutes to play it the seventh time) to get food and iron. By the time my WE is refilled I will have a monster wanted chest to fill.

I have a lot of food coming in today and no place to use it just yet so I went ahead and did the research on the forges up to level 4 so far. I don’t have enough heroes just yet to level anyone up…again, I do them in groups of 10 to maximize special skill upgrade as much as possible

Got another gift from SG which had 5 gems and a set of arrows. Told me to arm my heroes. Thanks for nothing.

My alliance defeated a titan. I got loot tier D again. I did 9069 in damage.

Decided I needed to level up needler some more. Ascended him again and got him up to level 22 by the ends of today.

I ended the day with 4 building a still needing to be leveled up.

I really am starting to think that in order for anyone to do well enough on the provinces you are forced to use your gems or actual
Money to get higher rated heroes. The jury is still out on this for certain. I will try again tomorrow to beat S5P5 …see if upgrading needler this much gave me the ability to get past the elite enemies


Level 9 -66% of the way to level 10
Team power is 1303: Bane, Prisca, needler, ragnhild, sharan
389 gems
3 buildings left to level up to 5 before I will level up my stronghold
Only 2 total summon tokens today…nothing good


Day 6

Awoke to find a new wanted chest…fire. I was excited to start it because I know it can contain way better loot. So I found a level that had two fire monsters shown and I auto played it 6 times. Got me 34 fire monsters. Not bad. It was P4S6. Putting it here now…If it does not contain an epic token…and I don’t get a 3 star before I finish the chest…then I will splurge and use 300 gems to get a hero.

I got nothing from the mystic vision. Just a few gems and an arrow barrage.

I leveled up my forge. I should finish leveling up everything today. I will then save up for the stronghold.

I did the research on level 5 of the forge. I am not doing research on the training camps. I will do it on level 11 for an additional place to bank food and troops.

Free summon was aife.

Reached level 10 about the same time my last building was leveled up to 5. Saving up for the stronghold. 75,600 iron. Gonna be a minute.

Quest map opened up. League of Villans appeared. Gonna try to get at least one level done so I can get the summon token but I am pretty sure I can’t beat even level 1.

My token from the level up was Jenna.

Took forever. But I finally finished the fire wanted chest…got sturdy shield, scabbard, titan flask, costume key, 20 Valhalla coins, two summon tokens and an EPIC HERO TOKEN. I’m so excited.

I just hope I do not get a holy or dark 3 star.

The two summon tokens were a 3 star nature troop. Not bad. And Zudak.

Now for the epic hero token. Oberon. Crap. That sucks.

I also received a goblin crate.

I went ahead and gave Oberon all my lower level heroes. Got him to level 24 and upped his special one level. I don’t want to have an uneven team. I don’t like that it removes a color from the board. I feel like it is a big disadvantage.

It is interesting that at level 24 he has more health than the other two. He also has the same power as Bane right now despite being 6 levels below him.

As soon as I have WE I will attempt P5S5 (elite) with this squad. I removed ragnhild. Team power isn 1401. 98 more than with ragnhild.

Also. Unlike Bane and Prisca, I have the ascension materials for Oberon. So he will be ascended soon. Perhaps before the day is over.

Played P5S5…all heroes survived. Moving on.

Finished stronghold level up. Didn’t have enough iron saved up to do any level ups over night. I also got Oberon to level 30 but did not have enough food to ascend him.

Level 10 36% to 11
464 gems


I’m really enjoying reading this, please keep it up. Does it make it a bit better writing about it?
I thought about doing something similar but I’m too far in…

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Hello. Yes it does make it more enjoyable.

I did not post yesterday. Was busy.

I am currently on level 11…so close to 12. I should have it today. I have all but 4 buildings up to level 6. I should be done with those by tomorrow morning.

I still have not gotten another 3 star…but my alliance did give me a valentines gift…thanks…I currently have. 531 gems. I have reached the point where I need to get another 3 star. Dark or not. I need help. I am losing lots of raids I should win. I have set myself a deadline. I have a heroes wanted chest that is about to be full. If it does not result in a 3 star, I am gonna go to the epic hero summon and summon one. I don’t want to use the league of villans because they are mostly dark…and the offs are better in the other summon.

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There will be costume event tomorrow…u can get some pretty good 3 stars there

Wait for the costume event tomorrow to pull

I was going to wait for the costume event but I received a few gems from my alliance for Valentine’s Day so I went ahead and splurged. Got Balthazar. Anothe flipping dark hero. My whole team may as well be dark. So I summoned again in the legion summon and got Ingolf…yep…another dark. But he is a four star so that is something. It is a good thing i didn’t wait for the customs summon becaus it did not open for me. Says I have to be at level 18…I am only at level 12. Anyway. All is good.

I finished leveling up all buildings to 6 today…took so long. I am currently saving up for stronghold level 7. In the mean time I am doing as many levels to get as many troops and heroes to level up everyone.

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It’s because Oberon hits everyone hes doing more damage then bane all be it at slow speed still if you eventually get jahangir they’ll stack fire and poison damage very effective

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