For all the players who don’t own Gravemaker

I’ve been stashing Atlantis coins for months, with the offers and farming this Atlantis Rise I will have for around 30-35 pulls.

Then I have over 20,000 gems. Ready for around 100 pulls.

I agree if you want to be serious in this game, it’s difficult to do that without GM. The only one close to that is Black Knight. Unfortunately, red is unloved color in this game and it just lacks proper offensive heroes.

Clarissa or Kage are also welcome.

Knowing my luck, I’ll walk away with few extra copies of ranvir and atomos.


That’s all folks. 7th pull.


I try but no way!!!
100 pulls and you give only 3 and 4 *…
I will never give my money to S&G…


I think GM’s fear factor went down quite a bit since C.Sonya. With the costume bonus, the right talent path and troops you have a very fast, 5* stats like, cleanser of the right color. Not impressed by GM lately at all…


2 years of play today, I don’t have GM and won’t be pulling this Atlantis. I’ve done fine without him all this time so why worry about it now. In fact I don’t have any of the features heroes or season 2 legendary

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Atlantis summons

As an Atlantis featured hero of the month, Gravemaker’s loot box unit pricing is
$6,173+ USD ( 1414+ summons)
$1,536+ USD ( 351+ summons) for 2020-May HotM Clarissa

Legends summons

Hero Academy

I doubt Gravemaker from Hero Academy will be easier to get than Lianna from Legendary training ( RT20 ).

But the Devs have surprised me before ( harpoons, emblems, Advanced house level 9+, etc. ).


See you tomorrow?

Sorry about your draws… :pensive:

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I was PISSED I didn’t get Alasie last month, but this month…


Apparently RNGesus has decided to smile upon me as well…

Clarissa and GM! I’ll take it! :flushed::grin::+1:t2:


This game hates me. I have 6 Atlantis 5* heroes total in all my attempts pulling this cursed game. 4 of the 6: TWO Mok-Arrs and TWO Atomos. Absolute rubbish. Why do they taunt us with 4* heroes disguised as 5* ones. It’s so damn disheartening to get those effing heroes!

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Been saving gems for months, just did 37 pulls, got 31 three stars and 5 four stars. I’m so sad lol

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At least you didn’t get an Atomos. Same boat as you, saved gems for months and unleashed them all. 47 pulls total, got me an Atomos my (my second). I’d be happier with nothing like you as getting the worst 5* in the game is such a slap in the face.

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3 coin pulls got me 3* duplicates (feeders) but my 30 pull got me Tarlak! (and 29 duplicate 3&4* feeders) My last coin pull netted me Gil-Ra…and Clarrissa! If I pull enough Atlantis coins farming, I may try for Gravemaker again, but I Do like what I’ve pulled. Ive wanted Tarlak for titans for a while now, and I was Really hoping to get Clarrissa :thumbsup:
BTW: did they Nerf Clarrisa before her release? She was supposed to be the purple Gravemaker

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I will do some pulls for GM but will stop immediately if I get Clarissa. There is a risk of getting Atomos or Ranvir. And my barbarian emblems are in hands of Black Knight and Kage. GM is great but you can live without him.

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I knew Gravemaker was coming (and he’s a legend), so - even tho I think I count as what you’d call C2P - I decided to do my first-ever 10-Pull to see if I could net him.

Alas, no GM - but I got Clarissa! (And, uh, my very first Agwe too…) I’m going to consider that a win, and not worry too much about chasing anyone else this month.


Well …
No GM so won’t have him ever but a proud owner of Atomos lol :joy:


Hm… :thinking:

I don’t have that many of the current portal summons exclusive characters, at least compared to some players. Oddly, as an opponent I’ve never feared Gravemaker. Probably because even with my 4* blues I could always take him out relatively easily.

There are very few characters I see which I deliberately try to pull for. During my… year and a half(ish) of playing only Telluria made me feel that way. And I failed to get them! :laughing:

I for one won’t be deliberately trying to get Gravemaker, because there are others I covet.

Didn’t got GM…but Clarissa, Kage, Ursena and Marjana…consider that as some of the best pulls ever…


after playing Atlantis, I have now collected 1800 coins. I tried to get Gravemaker, but it didn’t work out the way I thought it would. But all right. I haven’t had one, I won’t have one… Here we go.

Ps.: Unfortunately no Clarissa

Sad for those who doesn’t get him…but life goes on…but I hope instantly that in Hero Academy we will be able to trade duplicates =D need free space …

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