For all the players who don’t own Gravemaker

It’s like when you try to divide by 0. The brain explodes.

There is still Telluria… bury Gravemaker coz he is now past tense.

Don’t flame me too hard, but I’m pretty underwhelmed with Alby and have slight regret on giving the tonics. He’s great when he bails you out, but he leaves you high and dry far too often for how slow he is. Plus his heal is less desirable than costumed Rigard even.

All this is to say, don’t worry that you don’t have him. And while it seems blasphemous to say, I think there are much better heroes out there. He does shine in rush attack though and somewhat less so in war defense.

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I suppose you’d prefer Mother North? She has the higher resurrect chance but her resurrected are paper thin on health. At least Alby has a HOT. But I get your point.

Still, resurrect is a pretty amazing ability to have no?

If Heimdall’s resurrect chance was higher he’d be MVP probably, if not already

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I could do without any of them tbh. MN res is high but they’re so vulnerable after.

Alby let’s me down more often than he makes me glad I brought him. I leave him in the corner for war though

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I learned a little late that 4* rosters are the backbone of the game… so it’s cool when that knowledge is shared.

That Link from


Better heroes than Alby?!

Granted, I haven’t had luck at all when it comes to any new released heroes not named HOTM (so S3, costumes or any new event/seasonal 5*), but out of what I’ve got - he has to be #1 (sharing that spot with Hel :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). A hero that gains mana for your entire team without a single match, to me, is irreplaceable; his HOT and revive are just cherries on top.


I know, I’m really rebelling against the common culture :smile:

But, his slow speed just totally cripples him. The most impactful heroes continue to be ones that are fast, very fast, or average. Grandpa Alby takes his sweet time getting ready and by then it’s either too late or he fails to revive anyone lol.

Tyr uses bleed damage, not burn…

GM is nice but I’ve never felt compelled to have him.

Just out of curiosity are there any Slow heroes that are worthy of their special? Or worthier than others. In your opinion.

Basically it sounds to me like you are in the “Slow heroes are irrelevant in this meta” camp which is beginning to take root everywhere lol - and I don’t blame you or anyone else for thinking that lol


Hard for me to say since there are so many in total and many that I don’t have any experience with. But I can say that I haven’t ascended any and don’t have any that I plan to ascend anytime soon. Personally, they just feel too hard to use because they will likely go off only once or maybe twice per match where as a fast hero is more useful sooner and can fire maybe like 4 times. The slow heroes specials don’t seem to feel proportionally more powerful.

I guess I can say that many of the slow costumes are good because with high level troops, or slightly less high level troops and emblems, they can be bumped up to average speed. So costume Vivica or costume Azlar at average speed are now very impactful heroes

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Cool. The three slow heroes that I own are Viv, Elena and Isarnia and probably the former gets the most use! Elena gets some use if I feel like the risk is worth it.

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And again, this is just off of my play style :+1:t2:. I think different people may have better uses for other heroes, but for me the game seems to put a lot of pressure on hero speed

I so agree! I try to impress that on my alliance’s less experienced players all the time! Focusing on those awesome 4* s makes the game so much less frustrating too!

Regarding slow heroes… (And I will keep pushing this)

Firstly, I’m certainly, firmly in the “speed kills” camp in general.

However - the combination of a powerful, slow AoE and Wu or Wil is a wonderful thing to behold! CIsarnia plus Wu Kong? My goodness! The only challenge there is to keep your 4* s alive long enough. (Not a Tarlak or Ranvir owner)

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General answer: I’ve stopped caring.

When I transitioned from 3* s to 4* s over a year ago, I thought, oooh, I’m going to be the holy team, cool. Then I became the green team, now fate is making me the dark team.

After all this time I have zero fast, aggressive red 5* s. My reds are a bunch of healing Orcs, etc. So I could really use a GM.

In the meantime I’ve been building teams with good synergy, nothing to do with red.

So for me it’s the old - ‘you can’t miss what you’ve never had’, which is part of the soul of this game.

Make the best of what you have right now and when an elusive exclusive hero(ine) comes around, re-design.


Slow heroes that I use all the time:

Snow White
Lady of the Lake
Santa Claus

I love them all. Heimdall is probably my new favorite hero. They are slow for a reason.

I sit in diamond, for the most part, with one “top hero” – Ariel. Justice is my tank. Sometimes I slip below 2400 cups but I always open the chest in diamond. I usually sit somewhere between 2400 and 2600.

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