For all the players who don’t own Gravemaker

If you’re like me you really like this game. Like a lot. You’ve been playing for a while, and you’ve realized there are just some hero’s out there that if you have them, put you on a different level.

Now I get that this game is a gacha, a random game of chance, and no one is entitled to have any one hero. There will be tons of comments saying just enjoy and play with the heros you have.

But playing for just over a year without gravemaker has been a struggle. He’s widely regarded as the best hero in the game. It’s even slightly daunting when I see him in other players line ups.

I feel like if you’re serious about having as much fun as you can in this game, gravemaker is a must have.

I’m writing this on April 30th, 2020 just a few hours before the Atlantis portal opens, which will be the last time gravemaker is available as a featured hero of the month before he’s retired to the hall of legends (which has an abysmal percentage chance to get him).

I will be pulling for gravemaker pretty hard. You could say chase. So I want to see if anyone is in the same boat as me. Are you gonna try for him too? What has it been like playing without him? What if you don’t get him?

Leave your thoughts and comments and pulling results. If we get him that would be awesome! I really hope my luck is at least decent. I’m ready to advance my game to the next level. Best of luck!


I’ll try for him

Haven’t struggled without him

And not much will change if i get him


Last time ? Retire ?

What’s Tavern of Legends for ?


I will certainy do some pulls but not chasing . I prefer to keep the gems for costume chamber i think.

I have beaten people with GM and i can do all the pve stuff SG lunch so it does not happen to me as a must have hero to enjoy the game .


He may show up in Hero Academy too, based on the early accidental version of that we saw in Beta.

Heroes rotating through Atlantis are on a forward-moving cycle, meaning Gravemaker isn’t expected to show up there again.

That doesn’t mean Tavern of Legends is the only place he’ll show up in the future.

It’s a new event, with a Quest and Summon Portal.

You can read about it here: 🧪 Early Information on Tavern of Legends Event [Part of The Beta Beat v29]


Linky Linky for those who ARE considering “chasing” gravemaker…


For me, my game play would change dramatically but I would still survive without him.

I’d prefer to pull Alby over him tbh, that would change my universe


I’ll be using my atlantis coins, but honestly I’m not going to spend gems. The chances for a returning hotm are pretty slim, and for gravemaker specifically even slimmer. If I’m outrageously lucky and manage to pull him I’ll level him, but I’m not holding my breath. I’m planning to spend my gems in the costume chamber and Valhalla, assuming the new heroes are added.


I’ll be doing at least a 30-pull in Atlantis. I hope I get Gravemaker, but not likely. I’d be happy with a Kage, Poseidon, Ursena, Tarlak, Clarissa…just please no Mok-Arr, Atomos, or Ranvir!

By the way, Grave isn’t a must have or even that daunting…just bring a Sonya and he is pretty easy to deal with.


I’ve been saving up gems. I may do my first-ever 30-pull; I’ve done an occasional 10-pull now and then.

I’ve gotten by without Gravemaker so far. I have just three Red 5* heroes - Grazul at 4-80, I just ascended Mitsuko to 4-1 today, and I have Elena who is only something like 1-40 and I’m working up her skill and will probably stop her at 3-70. Mitsuko & Elena came along recently, prior to that it was Grazul and a bunch of 4* Reds. Yikes!

I’m hoping to get Gravemaker. I’d also like to get Clarissa. I’m not holding my breath. :wink: I’ll be OK whether I get them or not, and I’m certainly not going to get “mad” if I don’t get either of them in a 30-pull, and I’m not going to dump a bunch of cash on the game to keep trying to chase. I’ll do my 30 and that’s that. :slight_smile:

I’m fortunate to have a solid set of 5* for Blue and Green in particular, so I tend to pick my battles. It would be nice to round things out and get a nice, heavy-damaging Red like Gravemaker; currently, my 3-stack Red is typically G.Falcon, Scarlett, and… probably another Scarlett. Kinda sad. And if I’m going up against a Telluria tank, I 3-stack G.Falcon, Grazul, and Scarlett… and that lineup often isn’t up to the task. So I reroll a lot until I find a Red or Blue tank that I can attack instead. LOTS of Telly in my cup range though, so I end up burning up a lot of food that way.

Fingers crossed! I’ve been lucky lately… go Vela, Telly, Malosi… hoping the streak of luck continues!

Good gaming!


@PacificOcean I think that chasing him is pretty dangerous but to each their own. Yes he will make a huge difference but I don’t love this game enough to dump $1000 of my savings into

Being content with what we have, in game, and in real life, is an important skill to have. (note: I am a hypocrite in this department) Shouldn’t be equated to complacency. I’m all for self improvement but not in this context of gacha$

Let’s just say I wish you the best and hope you don’t need to spend too much


What do you mean by this? How would getting GM change that for you?

I dont agree with this mindset. If your fun depends on pulling a single hero you’re in for a ton of frustration. For me, I have fun trying to maximize the havoc I wreak with the heroes I have.


Fully agree. The other thing I would add is, human experience teaches us that we are never content.

After we are done with our latest toy we look for a new one. The buzzing feeling doesn’t last too long


I have been saving up to do my only Atlantis 30 pull this Atlantis… but to be honest I have had horrible luck with Atlantis… on the other hand I have been blown away by my luck with Valhalla…so with just 3 hours left… im really thinking about not pulling at all for gm… I got sif 2 heimdalls telly tyr malosi and every 3* and 4* Valhalla heroes with a 30 pull and a 10 pull… probably done a few hundred Atlantis pulls and all I have to show 4 it is Kage and tarlak… not complaining they are awesome but good grief I’m thinking about waiting a few months until a lot more Valhalla heroes are out and doing a 30 pull on that…

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Will be trying for GM also, but doubt he’ll show up as I used all my Atlantis luck up last month seeing 2 Mitsuko’s on a 30 pull. :smirk:

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For what it’s worth, in my opinion, no hero is a gamechanger.Not GM, not Telluria, not Guin, not anyone. This was a hard lesson I learned after chasing, maxing, embleming and ultimately shelving Guin.

I will make 20 summons during Atlantis this month and GM will be a big reason for that but mostly it’s because I was already planning on doing a last hooray in the Atlantis portal for Poseidon before I’m basically done with it for good. There are very few heroes left there I like and the odds of getting them are so low it’s not worth the time, let alone the resources. Valhalla and the new costumes chamber give better value right now IMO.

So my advice is: try if you can, but don’t overdo it. If you get him great, if you don’t, that’s fine too. Many people have done great without him and will do so for a long time.


I dont even what I would do with him if I got him. It would be retraining my brain to use a hero that I only think of on defensive terms to my offensive team of classic slow red heros. Elena, Azlar and Khagan would be too confused at his speed.


He’s pretty good on defense but how fun is thst since you’re not actually playing him.

On offense, he’s pretty weak. I don’t really use him even though I’ve got him maxed +20.


I will do a few pulls but I don’t expect to get GM. I do wish I had him and he would definitely help some of my war/raid lineups. Not a must have though. I would be just as happy with Tarlak or Ariel at this point…:sunglasses:

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I’ll pull for him, and Clarissa. I’ve been playing for 16 months without him and am doing well.

I’ll use my coins and maybe 3 Ten pulls. I chased him last year and ended up with more Margaret’s than I could eat.

I have a ridiculous amount of 5* waiting for attention, one more or less won’t break me.

Good luck!


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