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Thx nevarmaor. I`ll do as you suggest

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Started in September 2018 myself.

I will say that the chests seemed to be a lot more generous back then, especially the elemental chests.

But, as others have pointed out, they have added a lot of new content so there are now more sources for these items than there were before.

The problem I see is that the game has become less casual friendly in that way. You can potentially get more loot now, but you have to work a lot harder for it. Which doesn’t bode well for my more casual alliance mates who only play an hour or so a day.

But, if you are a very active gamer and either don’t mind waiting for all of your energy to refill, or are willing to buy energy flasks to keep on playing nonstop, then the game has certainly added many new features to keep you preoccupied several hours a day… as opposed to before where most players just filled their chests and had little left to do after that.

So it’s a mixed bag. Chest loot is certainly worse IMO. Game is much less casual friendly now. It’s harder to “catch up” to other players now with all the new heroes and emblems and such. But - if you’re willing to either spend a lot or grind a lot (or optimally, both), you can probably still advance at a faster pace than you could before. Which is now practically necessary, as the bar has been set higher. Once upon a time, a 4k team was considered very good. Nowadays, you need to aim higher than that.

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Hot cross tomes!
Hot cross tomes!
One a penny, two a penny
Hot cross tomes!
If you haven’t got a penny then a ha’penny will do
If you haven’t got a ha’penny then God Bless You


From FTP standpoints, it so hard to get any 5* back then compared to now as the only summon u can do is from gems. (And gold token to summon s1 heroes). FTP must work hards to collect gems bit by bit to summon event heroes and ended up with dawa.

Right Now we can get at least 2 free coins after every events to do the event summon.

Also, in the past FTP can’t even compete with the whales with lv.30 mana troops and premium heroes (GM, Guin, Hell, Ares etc).
Right now, since the emblems era, the emblems equalize the game so FTP can beat the whales, thanks to the emblems.

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I joined the forum here March 2018. I’ve been playing since probably Feb 2018. E&P at the time was a very similar game - there weren’t S2 or S3 heroes, but there were still HOTM and event and seasonal heroes, and at some point in 2018 IIRC the big big pain in the butt was this hero named Guinevere.

I’ve been pretty vocal about Telluria being a pain, and she’s been The Worst because she is everywhere, but Guin back in the day was almost as dreaded. She was a pain lol.

AM were just as difficult to obtain back then. I have seen zero change as far as AM from chests / titans etc.

I think that all the way back at like, the game’s initial launch (2017?) there might have been some boosted rewards. But by the time I joined, that was already long gone.


I started playing April 2020. But my GF has been playing 2 years, she tells me there used to be a lot more accession materials from chests.
I have Alberich waiting for shields and tonics, at the current rate i will be able to ascend him to level 4 by March 2021.

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There has been much disagreement on the forum as to whether chest loot has or hasn’t been nerfed over the years… in my opinion? Yes, it absolutely has. I used to regularly get unfarmable AMs from ordinary chests. Elemental chests usually always had at least 2 unfarmables and at least 1 gold token (oftentimes all 3 were gold tokens).

But! People will say that is confirmation bias. Or “beginner’s luck”. Or “RNG gonna RNG”. Or something like that. As I am not a Keeper of Many Data Spreadsheets myself, I can’t say for sure. :man_shrugging: I just know that it certainly seems like we used to get better loot from chests.

However, as several others have pointed out, there are now a thousand different events you can do to get various items, compared to before… a valid point. Just, as I said above… seems like we’re expected to work a lot harder now for items that used to pop up regularly in ordinary everyday loot.

Seems like being the key words I guess. Maybe I’m just remembering things incorrectly.

EDIT: I agree with your girlfriend. Chests used to give better loot. Of that I am 90% sure. But I’ll get no where trying to “prove” that here against those who will vehemently insist otherwise.

And I absolutely cannot prove it. Because as I said, I am not Keeper of Many Data Spreadsheets. I did not screenshot every chest I ever opened and record all the results in my secret E&P journal. It’s just a purely subjective anecdotal observation on my part.


I keep data sheet, there is no difference, the odds for 4☆ AM is still 10% on each rolls of elemental chest (there are 2 rolls on each elemental chest). @ierazo research also confirm this.


And this data goes back 2 years?
And also includes data on 3* unfarmables?
And the rate of EHTs and ETTs?

Do you also have spreadsheets on raid chests, titan chests, monster chests, and war chests?

What about the theory that new players get better loot than older players? Any truth to that?

And how to explain the variation in the types of loot we get? Is there a reason why I constantly pull trap tools and orbs of magic, and almost never pull warm capes or sturdy shields?

Again, like I said, these are just my subjective observations from my own experience. If it’s just RNG being RNG, then that’s what it is. But many players have noticed discrepancies in their own loot over time. So maybe RNG is just streaky like that? And that’s fine if that’s the case. If that is the only logical explanation, my RNG apparently went from being overly generous to now deciding to be overly stingy in terms of chest loot.

It happens, right? :man_shrugging:

You wouldn’t happen to have any data showing proven ways I could flip that switch back the other way, would you? :laughing:

Sits in Rocking Chair and lights up pipe

Back in the day when I started (Dec, 2017), people actually pulled from S1 Elemental Summons (nobody does that anymore). Ascensions Mats seemed more plentiful and Elemental Chest were highly coveted and HoTM’s were far fewer and no elemental links.

No S2, S3, Wars, Raid tourneys, ToL, PoV, Ninja Tower, only 3 monthly Challenge events (Avalon, Pirates, Guardians) and the levels were not based on hero rarity, only something like Easy, Medium, Hard, no rare titans and way, way less ads and offers.

Simpler times. Nostalgia

Edit: Also, The Top 3 Alliances were 95% of the time Seven Days Departed, Crystal Palace and Agressive. They would merely switch positions among being 1, 2, 3 and very rarely did another Alliance break into top and they wouldn’t be there for long.


Ah, yes. Elemental summons. I need more blue heroes! Oh, I know, I’ll just wait for blue elemental summons to pop up. Hopefully I’ll get a Kiril or a Magni or something instead of a 4th Gunnar! :laughing:

Like others have said there is so much more ways to get free coins and mats now compare to before. However, in the early days some of the free heroes from tc 20 was actually great and could compete with the paid heroes. Now you have to be lucky with your coins.

Here is a list of how I got my 4* mats over the years. I don’t count rare quest, pov, events, and what not, just the random stuff

If i only look at my data, it says that sg is way more generous with 4* mats from elemental chest recently since i got 6 4* mats in 2 months (since Aug 18 to now). But obviously that is luck

Mystic Vision used to be every 16 hours, now it’s every 8 hours. I hardly ever got more than one in a day before, now I can manage 3 in a day every so often if I time it right.

Although loot was supposed to be adjusted so I’m likely no better off.

TGW, I think part of the confirmation bias is that when we first completed an elemental chest, we were ecstatic with the loot (even Tall Boots would make me happy), after playing for two+ years, I roll my eyes at Tall boots, and smirk at 3* AMs because I no longer need them like I need the 4* AM. While no one person can prove or disprove an increase or decrease do to RNG, I can say that my overall loot haul has improved with time as I spend more time with higher Titans and in Diamond raids. I even still get the occasional 4* from Mystic Vision. I don’t “believe” there has been a significant nerf, but it’s possible there has been some tweaking to account for the additional opportunities.

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Funny, this came up with a teammate this weekend. He was trashing Wu Kong as worthless, which is partially true in today’s meta, but I had to tell him that there was a time that Wu was considered one of the best heroes in the game. Pre-Season 2, before Tarlak or Miki, he was the gold that unlocked big titan hits. Also back then you could survive a few missed hits and still win, the game play was more deliberate as you didn’t have AOE or hit all hitters on fast or medium speed that could crush your whole team in one turn. Wu was also the key to raiding a level above your team, so to speak, as he’d make up for the difference in TP with his crazy attack buff, giving a chance you wouldn’t otherwise have.


Those of us without Tarlak/Miki, Wu Kong is the bomb for Titans still.


I agree 100% with this. He’s still a titan killer, but rare to see him used elsewhere now.

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I started to play in jan2018…
Belive-me getting AM’s was way harder than now… No pov, no wars nor war chests… No week tournaments… Even for p2w there werent many offer to buy 4AM’s, no bonus chests for summons at some portals…
Now there are a lot of AM sources… Even challenge events give 4
AM’s for way more realistic scores…

I got itens to ascend my 1st 5* hero only after 6 month’s


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