For All The Old Players

Pues sí que no debes tener mucha suerte para no haberte dado cuenta: al menos en mis últimos 6 cofres elementales (seguramente más) ni vale de héroe épico, ni objetos legendarios. Hace dos años ambos elementos eran siempre fijos en los cofres elementales

Back in my days Empires and Puzzle was running on Nokia 3310.

Aaaaaah, that was the days :older_man:


I’ve been playing for three and half years and for the most part drops are the same. The only big difference is elemental chests, when I first started you were pretty much guaranteed at least one 4* am and 2-3 eht’s.

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You need to post in English, or you’ll get flagged.

Same song, different verse. LOL

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The above posted are funny and while it’s true they are the same now as then there is a definite difference in the push from SG to get you to spend. I would say right around the v20 buff and emblems it started. I will also say that there are now free coins for events and keys etc. If you didn’t have gems during an event and were ftp you just looked at portal wishing. Oh and there is HA 10 which gives you a chance albiet a tiny one to get event or hotm free. Of course it takes over 2 years to build it and have the extra heroes to put in but at least there’s a chance. No war chest then it came out but you only got points for v wins then the lose and draw points got added.

Ares was popular, wu was the thing to have, zeline ruled with guin so it’s evolved but the song remains the same as they say…Oh and the Christmas event had a tree which was absent last year along with the light up star.

Those who want to know play time date, you get a good estimate from when you complete training or something, On Android it’s in the Google games app, not the play store but the green app. Look for profile then find completion of Tutorial in the achievement list. That was likely day 1.

They chopped down the Christmas tree??

That’s the final straw. When the Devs can’t even afford to get the Castle a Tree for the filthy peasants to shudder under that’s me done.

What next? The river to run dry and bring a drought to my Mountain top kingdom??

Well, there were a lot less heroes, events and quests…also emblems weren’t a thing. It would be much better starting to play more recently as there’s never a shortage of things to do and there’s a million different heroes.

I started playing in November 2017. I have an impression (not confirmed by records though) that elemental chests and titan chests gave better loot (more unfarmable ascension materials and golden tokens). It got changed in early 2018. On the other hand, rewards for challenge event completion were worse and there were no other chests, that we have now.

I played since 2.5 years ago. In the past, Titan * 4 also got item loot, now Titan * 8 often doesn’t get anything. In the past, elemental chests can appear once a month now it’s very hard to find. Since the hunter lodge came,Titan it was hard to beat,since the emblem is came a hero is getting weaker, it used to be with hero * 4 legendary events can be resolved now it feels difficult even with a hero * 5

I tend to get a 4* ascension from a raid chest roughly once a month, which has been consistent in the last year or so I have been in diamond…

In other areas, I have only been hitting 14* titans for 6 months or so and these are the best source of 4* mats, roughly one a week.

I am not one for generally going with “feelings” , but elemental chests do “feel” worse these days then they used to.

Titan chests have always been bad in general, with the occasional 4* mat thrown in


It was called “Snake” back then

I’m selling my 12 tomes at 2 a penny

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The villages still wave at you when you squish them with your giant god-finger

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No wayyyy… back then, I favor and long to open titan chests because they give epic ascension mats.

I buy you 3 in order for me to balance it with my damascus blades count.

Right now, I am quite picky with the legendaries I want to ascend. In my inventory are 24 darts, 16 tabards, 19 rings, 15 tonics, 3 scopes, 9 damascus and 6 tomes. Forced to ascend 2nd costumed Lianna a few months back. Currently getting my 2nd Gazelle to 4th tier and I am now hesitating whether to ascend my 2nd Joon with costume since my 3/70 Viv and 3/70 Leo may get a wardrobe change when they are available soon.

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Happy to donate the tomes to your cause. As long as I get first dibs on Cleo

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I have been playing since June 2017.
The game now have a lot more sources for free loot.
4* mats seems to have become more scarce in element chests, but I have no proof of that.
Anyway it have always been a grind.
I think I had around 10 maxed 5* heroes after my first year of playing and that was buying some offers

Started playing September 2018 so I somehow quailify as old :smiley:

2 years ago there were no emblems, so a hero was as good as its 4.80 form. That meant that even heroes at their 3.70 or maxed epics were decent choice to take to a fight. While HotMs and event heroes were already the most desired options (to name a few… Gravemaker, Zeline, King Arthur, Guinevre, Panther, Athena, Alberich). Atlantis only started rolling in and I remember how everyone wanted Tarlak because he was so much better than Wu Kong for titans.

Anyways, the power creep was not so aggressive, there were not as many non-standard heroes and I think the fights were less about luck and more about hero selection. It wasn’t that 1 special fired could destroy entire team - specials were much more balanced I feel.

As for gameplay, beside your map progression, daily raids and titans we really only had wars, challenge event once a month and a happy Atlantis portal on the 4th Thursday of a month where you could spend your hoarded coins.

So gameplay wise, it was pretty empty. No weekly tournaments, no class quests, no costume quests… But as a new player, I still found joy in map progression and excitement in getting heroes like Melendor, or Grimm, then maxing them and checking how they help in my matches.

Loot wise, I definitely think the loot has imprved a lot as compared to 2 years ago. There were many new sources of loot added, and while the most desired epic ascension mats are still rare, back then it was 3-6 months to get a full set to max someone; now it takes me 2 months at max. Of course 14 star titans drop better than 4 star titans I fought back then, but still I think that opinions stating loot was reduced are biased.

Anyways, I had much more fun with the game back then as being a beginner I was not so fussy about what I get and there was a lot of room to improve on and new challenges to handle and look forward to (finishing S1, managing hard S2 map stages, managing Legendary tier of events, advancing the raid arenas etc) and I feel there was much less ‘special offers’ and ‘must haves’ and deals not to be missed etc, so the money grab attempts felt more optional and not so aggressive. Also new heroes that were coming in were not so imbalanced compared to the earlier ones so it was more or less even - but that may also be caused by a fact they were not powered up by emblems.


Glad I passed the 2 years mark yesterday.

The schedule is not as hectic as of now.

Chest and titan still the same, no difference. But now we have a lot more ways to get AM.

My first year 4☆ AM rate is 7.83 per month (9 per month if I ommit the first 2 beginner months).
My second year 4☆ AM rate is 10.08 per month.

The increase is because higher titan star and more ways to get AM.

In short: they are more petty back then.

No, that is not true. It is the game that is easier back then, less challenging. But now the game is a lot more challenging which require more 5☆ thus creating the impression that the 4☆ AM is not enough.

The 4☆ AM drop rate (supply) is actually increasing, but the need (demand) of 4☆ AM increase more than that.


Ah the good old days, when the heroes were more heroic and the events more eventful. I started playing in July 2018

For those who have fond memories of when they started playing, that is natural. It was new, different. It is only natural to become more jaded and cynical as the addiction takes hold

For what it’s worth, I think elemental chests used to drop better stuff, it seems likely to me that they have wound that back as they gave other different opportunities for AM.

But overall, the game isn’t that different except for the massive expansion in content, which is either good or bad depending on your POV (no not Path of Valor, point of view!). The expansion in content has drastically increased the time commitment to “keep up” whatever that really means in a game like this

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