For All The Old Players

I started to play in jan2018…
Belive-me getting AM’s was way harder than now… No pov, no wars nor war chests… No week tournaments… Even for p2w there werent many offer to buy 4AM’s, no bonus chests for summons at some portals…
Now there are a lot of AM sources… Even challenge events give 4
AM’s for way more realistic scores…

I got itens to ascend my 1st 5* hero only after 6 month’s


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The chests honestly were the same… But back than any 3* unfarmabke was great… Now that I have around 100 of each it’s just crap… I remember I was struggling to lvl any hero because I never had fine gloves struggled for few months and had to carefully select which 4hero I would lvl because I had no gloves… Nowadays any 3 unfarmable Am is considered garbage… That’s the big difference imo


Anyone, Go start a new account, see how your first elemental chest is once you open it. Then see how it is after a while of playing.
I started a new account and guess what it was pretty good even posted pics on here done by design as it to get you in

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Started June 2018 - Gregorian was HOTM and I pulled him on my first 10-pull along with Isarnia (who is still at 70)

Boards have always seemed the same. Only time I questioned them was recently with the Ninja Tower. The first 30 or so levels seemed to almost guarantee the tiles you needed to match the curse. That faded will by level 40 though. Could have been a wild string, but I never got that with the seasonal events.

I feel that mats from chests were better then. I don’t even look for them anymore. I expect to get an accession mat from Mystic Vision before I get one from a chest or even an Elemental chest. However, they are still more ways today to get them and 13/14-star titans seem to be a decent source if you can keep at them.

The biggest changes to me were the addition of emblems and the overabundance of new hero releases. It was a lot easier (at least on the wallet) when the only pulls were HOTOM you thought you would never see again and a handful of event heroes.

Surprisingly, the one thing I always wished would change never really did. We still have the same sad hero roster interface. Yeah, they gave us more teams, but the interface and storage are the same. It sucked back then and it is horribly inadequate today. Especially for us veteran players.

My data on AM (3* and 4*) from elemental chest goes back to the last 20 months (68 chests). While the EHT/ETT goes back to the almost the last 10 months (33 chests). It is available in elemental chest tracking thread.

No, I do not record them.

Never heard of that theory. From what I know in my alliance, older member have excess AM while newer member complained a lot about AM.

I am currently the oldest member in the alliance, and no one manage to beat my 4* AM per month rate during the last 12 months (10.08 per month), and no one break my record of 3× 3* AM + 1× 4* AM in a single Titan Loot. I did that twice:

Eventually, it will be balanced, though my problem is with Orb of Magic.

I remember there is a week that I get 3 Telescope in just a week during the 3 months that I only get Darts from quest. But now the Darts have overtake the Telescope…


First and foremost:

There were no Special Events and we did not whine about it.
We did not whine about how tough the game is for new players.
That is all I can read in the forum posts at the moment.
We grinded. And we grinded hard.
We made this game better.
And now it is much much easier for all new players.



Gregorian was hotm in 2018… And by that time probably wars were already introduced…

About chests



Yes, wars were had started.

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Back in my day we grinded uphill both ways when farming Season 1. Because there was no Season 1, it was just “The Map”. When we got a 5*, any 5*, we celebrated with grog and mead. We didn’t complain about f2p being left behind. Heck, there was no f2p or C2P or whales, we all started at the same place. If we got a Horghall we leveled him because there was no other green tank. Well, to be fair, he’s why we never ran green tanks.

Anyway, we were always better than the new players because, well, we were here first. :stuck_out_tongue:


Back then, I fill up raid chests when it is ready to be filled. Once I stepped in diamond arena, I noticed that they dole out 4* ascension items almost everytime I open those raid chests. Someone from my alliance told me that he was skipping some raid chests in the diamond arena since it gave better loot. I followed suit, opening raid chests by skipping the wait time, averaging 3 raid chests a day. Until the epic AMs got fewer and fewer until it only provided once every few weeks, those few weeks become months as my current experience. I just chalk it out as exhausting the epic ascension mats due to my consistent chest skipping. I still get them though, surprising me after several months of continuous skipping the wait time of several raid chests. The reduction of the drop rate of epic AMs could not be noticed much these days since there are other new sources mentioned above.

When is that? My friend who play this gane for around 2 years said she never get 4*AM from diamond chest.

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3rd or 4th Q of 2018.

Anyone can confirm this?

That was the time when I first stepped in diamond arena. And those where the days when I got better heroes from Atlantis.

I mean can someone confirm this is not just luck? Any other who have been at diamond since mid 2018?

Probably lucky… diamond arena has way better loot than previous arenas, but i’ve never had that luck as said…
there was a slight difference when arenas were introduced but as i said, i valued 3* mats way more than i do now… i would be very happy if i get an orb (sometimes was better than any 4* AM because i needed the 3* mats for the 4* heroes, and i didnt had any 5* hero to lvl).

Just search the forums and i’m pretty sure you’ll find theads of late 2018 with ppl complaining about worse loot…

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I’ve only filled maybe 5 diamond tier chests myself… never even gotten a 3* unfarmable from them, let alone 4*. :confused:

I know. Tiny sample size. It’s hard for me to stay in diamond though. I work my butt off to get up there to open a chest and the loot is underwhelming. Nothing better than what I could already get in platinum.

If you’re getting a 4* mat from every diamond chest, you must be very lucky.

EDIT: as for the confirmation bias… I never got excited about pulling tall boots from any chest ever. Early on, my typical elemental chests would yield me something like a farsight telescope, a compass, an EHT, an ETT, and a common token. That was about average. Sometimes even better, sometimes slightly worse.

Lately I’ve been getting some elemental chests that only gave me tall boots and red books (not tome of tactics, the other farmable one) and 3 common summon tokens.

Just bad RNG I suppose.

I would say I get a 4* ascension from raid chest roughly every month.

Close to when I first got into diamond I had back-to-back raid chests dropping scopes

The elemental chest is one of the few sources of loot where my gut does tell me that it has gone worse over time. I never used to see so many gray tokens, and you would expect some sort of unfarmable after opening one. Now that seems to be the exception rather than the rule.

I tend to go with facts over feelings though, so my brain doesn’t fully trust my gut in this. But I have a sneaky suspicion that this time my brain is wrong.


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