For all the laughs

thanks for that thought. I will say to you soon and especially good luck for your new projects we will not forget you. take care of yourself :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


You guys really are the greatest. Thank you for all the well wishes. It warms me. :slight_smile:


thanks for consideration friend


Thanks for all the wonderful contributions to the forum, you made it a really fun place with your positive attitude. You are truly a wonderful person. I wish you an amazing future full of love, laughter, friendship, happiness, good health and spiritual enlightenment. :slight_smile:


Hello Saphira,
I do not know you because I’m unfamiliar with this forum…
But seeing all these replies I think you are a Boss…
Most Bosses become after retirement an Advisor…
So keep “half” an eye on this forum and if necessasy comfort the members with some of your experence…
Stay safe,


You, my good sir, have always proven yourself wise beyond your years, with a wonderful youthful earnestness and naivete that I hope you hang on to with every scrap of strength and determination at your disposal.

Take good care of yourself and come visit on occasion.


I’ve been kind of busy, but now i will reply directly back to each of you.

Thank you @Muchacho.

Thank you @Chadmo. I remember seeing you in the interview threads and you always had good things to say.

Thank you Dan.

Thank you JGE. I must say i typed “joe” there for a second but fact checked myself. Lol. Then i started thinking how “joe” needed a coffee cup for his coffe fron TGW. :joy::joy::joy:

I…ahem…well…thank you Sleepyhead. That is a very nice thing to say. Though the forum as a whole won’t miss me, i mostly stayed in Community Forum more than anything :joy::joy:

I knew you of all people would. Not that anyone else doesn’t, but you especially i knew would.

That is much appreciated my friend.

Thank you.

I looked up “Bloke” to make sure i got the meaning right. Lol. “Man, fellow, guy” was what it came up with.

Thank you @princess1. You are a kind “old” lady. In the same class as Joyful818.

As Sleepyhead said, i’m in alliance chat. :wink: but thank you, i have enjoyed your post.

Oh that was fun!! I loved what you did to him. Purely amazing. Thank you fir the meme, Maximum Meme Master.

You are welcome and thank you for making it easy to do. If i am not mistaken, you rallied moderators day into being.

Thank you. I’m glad i got to get to know you a bit while i was here.

Thank you! You do very great art. I love seeing it.

@Tato i am loving that dragon! Thank you mate.

Thank you.

With so many people wishing it for me i can’t see how i couldn’t. Thank you.

Thank you.

You are welcome. And thank you

Your welcome. :slight_smile:

Sounds might good to me. It’s bedn a pleasure knowing you.

Wow. I must say i have never been called a boss. I like it. Thank you Bob.

Thank you my friend. I have really enjoyed you thoroughly. I still remember the cards i made for you. I enjoyed your singing too.

And to all of you: Stay safe, many blessing, good chear and happiness to you all. Thank you for letting me be here and be happier with you all in here to make it so


They are a treasure, and part of one made it onto this cup I’m using right now.


@TGW did great with putting it onto the cup


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