Food vs Iron

@zephyr1 would this be worth putting in Bugs/Issues as it massively affects overall gameplay or would it get booted?

It’s definitely not a Bug, since it’s a game design decision.

It could potentially have a new thread in #ideas-feature-requests though I’m honestly pretty skeptical that it would have any impact on the game design direction overall.

They’ve made adjustments to Food costs on items in Beta before based on feedback, but they haven’t fully altered design components like changing from Food to Iron.

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Cheers hun x I’ve never seen this particular issue raised in these terms, it’s always related to personal usage, so hopefully it might gain some traction as it seems particularly skewed atm xx

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I suppose you don’t have double builder.

Just upgrading advanced buildings alone makes you be careful about timing and iron.

These mines are taking a chunk out of your food resources and maybe once your advanced farms are done you will notice a difference.

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