Food vs Iron

I’m not sure it’s really about the number of items requiring one vs. the other, so much as the balance of the amounts required of each for various things. Some of the Food costs for things like feeding Troops are massive. Even if that were the only thing that used Food, you could still spend a ton there.

And as you noted, there are more Farms than Mines, plus more Food production than Iron in the Watchtower, and more Food than Iron in Chests.

Given that I’m currently in an Iron Shortage and Food Surplus, I’m l having the opposite experience of you at the moment.

So I’m curious what’s different in what we’re working on.

I think the most constrained I’ve been on Food in the past was when I was leveling a rainbow of 5*, and when I was catching up on eating a ton of feeder Troops that had piled up from Atlantis Rises — which took me months to have enough Food for.

Do you think there’s something in particular that’s draining your Food consistently?

I’ve been on both sides of it too, sometimes no food, sometimes no iron. My point is that the numbers dont add up. With 3 times as many food task requirements- 2 of them well expensive (troops/ascension) and not even a doubled level of production, theres an imbalance that will continue and worsen if not acknowledged or developed appropriately.

In terms of my own food usage, I concentrate on training recruits (3 X TC11 1X colour specific), levelling heroes when im full, building Adv. - last 2 on the rise woohoo, about once a month I splurge on a troop -(rotating colours/levels) and sundry craft items when I’m overflowing and have no troops/training or building,

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Do you raid frequently? Just wondering if you may have missed opportunities to gather more. Or possibly losing some through the watchtower.

I have crafted larger items for titans but just seem to lose them once those nasty rares show up.

What about VIP? My second builder tends to require a chunk of iron as well.

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…and color specific trainer is fairly ham intensive. Maybe you can try stopping that for a bit and see if it helps.

Hey @PooFlingerJr (love the name btw dodge) - I raid daily and have VIP so I get the 2 builders (hence upgrading 1 adv. Farm and 1 adv. Mine at the same time) x The point of the post (having been on both sides of the low resource coin so it’s not my personal/general usage that I’m questioning) is that the game overall is imbalanced in this area and it needs addressing either in an update or with future items/actions not adding to it.

Yeh, colour specific is food heavy (hence only running 1 tc with it) but this again kind of proves my point…so many food heavy items (this one is optional I know - but again this isnt about my personal usage) without a matching higher food production (even with my appalling maths skills) doesn’t make sense.

You could certainly search for idea posts to support then, like these sorts of things:

Although a sort of funny thing is you can find about as many posts requesting more sources of Iron, and plenty complaining that there’s too much Food. :man_shrugging:

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20 items is not a stash. 400 is a stash.

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Thanks for the links @zephyr1 x I’ve looked through a couple but would like to see someone explain the basic premise whereby 3 times as many actions are not covered by a minimum doubled production and whether this trend will continue. Will all the new actions continue to increase the imbalance (costumes are the first that spring to mind) or are the devs aware of it and are just trying to get us to spend more - and where does that then leave f2p when a basic resource is restricted in such a biased way?

Ooh that’ll b the day but I cant hold onto time stops or mana ball thingys for love nor money lol

You mentioned Costumes, but the massive Food costs of Alchemy Lab seems more telling to me.

Leveling Costumes isn’t really much different in premise/purpose than leveling Heroes, so that using Food isn’t surprising.

But Alchemy Lab not only using Food, but using quantities so large as to make it essentially impossible to justify using it, is a good indication to me that the game designers intend to constrain Food usage, and aren’t just doing it absentmindedly.

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I am busy building advanced things and am always short of iron! Plenty of ham. Earlier on the reverse. I find it varies … but then I am currently building Alchemy and HL but not researching any/many levels so that might explain it

Dang :frowning: I was hoping it was my rubbish maths and there was something I was missing - that seems pretty bad tho! Even as a paying player theres no way I’m spending 4000 gems to fill my food, that’s SG just bein super greedy to my mind. I haven’t bothered with Alchemy Lab and only have Hunters Lodge at lvl1 - expense is what stopped me and as it was my alliance members that advised me against it, I can safely say most of them haven’t bothered with it either.

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Yep @PM229 - at some point we’re all concentrating on different things so there will b low times and high times for the different resources. Unfortunately the overall numbers just dont add up for any player whatever building/levelling choices they make, how can they when theres such a disparity :frowning:

@zephyr1 would this be worth putting in Bugs/Issues as it massively affects overall gameplay or would it get booted?

It’s definitely not a Bug, since it’s a game design decision.

It could potentially have a new thread in #ideas-feature-requests though I’m honestly pretty skeptical that it would have any impact on the game design direction overall.

They’ve made adjustments to Food costs on items in Beta before based on feedback, but they haven’t fully altered design components like changing from Food to Iron.

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Cheers hun x I’ve never seen this particular issue raised in these terms, it’s always related to personal usage, so hopefully it might gain some traction as it seems particularly skewed atm xx

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I suppose you don’t have double builder.

Just upgrading advanced buildings alone makes you be careful about timing and iron.

These mines are taking a chunk out of your food resources and maybe once your advanced farms are done you will notice a difference.

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