Food Storage problem

I have been unable to increase my amount of food storage for some time now. No matter how often I upgrade my farms or food storage, the overall amount I’m able to store is stuck at 2766K. Can you help me out?

Can you post your current storages? Also an overall overview of your home base might be helpfull…


as @Sorsha said please share the food storage levels, also upgrading the farms doesnt raise the amount of food you can store


I have 4 Food Storage silos. All are at Level 20, and I can’t upgrade them even though my stronghold is at 21.

you need to convert them to advance food storage before upgrading them more


This is your solution. You cannot “upgrade” beyond level 20. You have to “convert” it to an advanced building and then it can get upgraded to 10.

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Thanks!!! I really appreciate this advice! I didn’t know how I would be able to get Harpoons without upgrading my storage. :grinning:

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