Food Storage Myth or Truth?

There was a rumor floating around a couple of weeks ago that increasing your food storage increases the amount of food you get from wanted chests. Is this a myth or can someone confirm that this is truth?

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The main thing I’ve noticed is the higher you go the better the rewards. If I fight a team with 1800 cups I may get 21k food if I fight a team with 1300 cups I may only get 5k.


It is my experience that my ham rewards have certainly increased with the levelling of the storages. Especially 15-20. In any event, I believe this issue was largely settled in this thread:


Raid chest was the key, I believe. The monster chests nowhere near the same amounts.

I should say my chests. ymmv

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correct that was specifically the raid chest that scaled with storage.

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It definitely does. As soon as I prioritised levelling my storages, I ended up increasing my raid chest results by about 50% after completing their builds.


Veteran players have shown solid evidence that increase food storage increases food rewards from quests in older threads (and the same for iron). It’s not 100% certain since level could also play a role, but storage appears to be a factor.

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Just helped kill small titan, and the resources were what I expect at higher levels: is titan loot linked to storage?

I have no idea…my titan food/iron lag behind chest food/iron. But I haven’t paid much attention to it since all my storages are 20.

Thought maybe your alt knew. I will note my next kill. Working with some newer players so titans are small.

Wow - Now I usually pooh pooh things like this, but this jibes very nicely with something I’ve noticed recently. I was thinking perhaps SG had dialed back the raid loot nerf. However my observations of increased rewards from raiding correspond directly to increasing my food storage. Next 2 weeks will see my final 2 storage buildings hitting 20. Hope to see further increases.

Yup - my diamond raid food rewards went from 85k to 185k as I raised all my food storages.

And I thought it was only my tier going up to platinum. Not that I am in a higher bracket so much as my victims are.

Anyone else notice their raid chest rewards not continuing to increase with advanced storage upgrades?



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no it’s fine. i thought it was funny. that’s why i posted something funny.


Because of a shortage of hams, they became vegetarians.