Food storage level to research legendaries?

So I currently have 3 at level 14 which puts me at 1233k food

I’m also 3 days away from stronghold 20 and I’m wondering if the area it opens has an option to build food storage

Also what is your food storage at?

yes it does. along with another farm, house and training center. you need 1323000 to research level 20 according to the wiki


not sure how updated they keep it but this is where i get most of my info and is usually accurate


Alright then I won’t bother leveling them up anymore

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the wiki is off by 10 k

the search for my field started today we hope for the
kiss kiss

You should have food storage at 3x level 12, 1x level 11.

yup. This is what I used to research legendary on my alt.

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