Food storage issue [Resolved: Farm storage =/= food storage]

So, I am stuck with my food storage at 2942k.

I have 2 advanced silos at level 5, 2 regular silos at 20; 2 Adv. Farms at level 1, 2 regular farms at 20 and 3 at 16. When I upgrade my Farms, it says that the storage amount increases, but it doesn’t. Anyone else run into this?


Storage amount on Farms is only referring to how much food that farm can hold before it maxes out (when it turns yellow/goldenrod instead the normal white collection bubble).

Upgrading food storage is the one that changes your total.

If you’re struggling with more food than you have use for many players “store” food by training TC 20 (at the cost of 100 recruits + 297K Food)

Gotcha. It was unclear as I was reading through the wiki.

thank you.


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