Food storage for Legendary research

I require 3287k food to research epic troops and will need more for Legendary heroes but I am stuck below 3000k storage in silos. I have 4 houses for recruits though. Can I change one to a food storage building?? If so -how? - as the only option I have seen so far is to relocate

Check to make sure that all your Food Storage is currently at level 20. You should have 4x Food Storage at Lvl 20 + the HQ at Lvl 20 which will give you enough.

For HA10, you will need to have all your available fully maxed out. So 3x as Advanced Food Storage at Level 10; then 1x as Regular Food Storage at Lvl 20. Plus your HQ at Level 25.


If you are talking about hero academy, you need 3 food storage at advanced level 10 and 1 regular at level 20

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Thanks very much - will keep upgrading the storage units then.