Food storage converted into troop barracks


If a food storage building is converted into troop barracks, does it still collect and store food? I’m using one of my crafting houses as a barrack but now in close to leveling up all my craft houses and I want them al available… but I still want my barracks functioning. Any input is appreciated, thanks…


Because storage buildings are so essential to progression, you can’t convert them into a barracks at all.
More power to you if you can keep up running all four forges simultaneously, but sooner or later you’ll run out of iron, food, or ingredients to do so, so having one out of four as the barracks isn’t a real loss longterm.


Leave the crafting station as barracks. You’ll need 1313k food storage to research TC20


Thanks, I guess I’ll just keep one of my crafting houses as a barrack… thanks guys and gals!