Food storage calculations

I would like to know how to calculate the amount of food being stored is actually calculated. How can I send a screenshot to show what I mean?

What did I do wrong?

I’m sorry, I’m not following. What issue are you having?

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You probably built some advanced building on top of 1 food storage… you should have 4 of them

I see one empty building spot there… did it erased itself? Is that what you mean?

I have as you can see in the screenshot I’ve built all of the food storage that the game allows me to. Yet it tells me I still do not have enough food to start research for Hunter harpoons.

I don’t see your fourth Food Storage in that screenshot.

What building is allowed to be built in that empty spot, and where is your fourth Food Storage?

It will not allow me to build another food storage, I’ve reached my limit of food storage buildings. It tells me to now level up the advanced food storage from level 1 to level 2.

You should have a fourth Food Storage somewhere else then. What level is it at?

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I would say check your barracks… earlier you could build baracks on top of any building … idk how long you play but defently theres 1 4th food storage missing…

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That is what is cut off on the screenshot upper left at level17 currently being upgraded to level 18.

Ah! Well that will do it. You need three of your Food Storage at Level 20, and one at Advanced Food Storage 1.


you need it to be lvl 20

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I just recieved a notification that I need to level up my advanced food storage to level 2 to increase the amount of food being stored.

That’s because your other Food Storage is under construction. If you just wait for that to hit Level 20, you’ll be fine.

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Ok, so what you and the others are saying, I need to have 3 food storage units at level 20, and 1 advanced food storage at level 1 to have enough food to start research on the harpoon.


Yes thats it!!!
You will be able to research after that.


Yes, exactly! :slight_smile:


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