Food storage and strong hold

Have a few issues. Has anyone had any problems trying to upgrade the stronghold and when did it change to using iron versus food? I noticed today I am missing one of my upgraded food storages. The mystic has been a issue the last 2 months for me. Also my upgraded iron storages don’t produce as often as the regular ones. I have spent way to much money and diamonds not to get an ascension upgrade items that are rare to get. My last question is, I am part of an alliance and I notice this leader never plays, and alot the old ppl layers either. There only seems like us new ones play. How do we make a new alliance? Could I get some help.

Stronghold upgrades have always been Iron.

Perhaps you’re thinking of the Watchtower?

If it’s an Advanced Food Storage, it may have inadvertently been converted back to a regular Food Storage. Otherwise it might have been swapped with another building accidentally, and just be in a different spot.

If you mean the Mines, you can collect as often as you want, but they don’t show an icon until they’re half full. Since they can go longer without filling up, that’s less frequent. But if you tap on them you can collect Iron whenever you want.

I’m not sure what you meant by this — what issue are you having?

Short of purchasing offers with Ascension Materials in them, the only other guaranteed loot sources are Rare Quests and Challenge Events. Everywhere else is random, so it’s quite normal that we all suffer from lacking Ascension Materials, regardless of spending.

You can find hundreds of threads about that on the Forum.


This is a great resource for that: Can You Migrate a Whole Alliance? The Migration Toolkit


On the food storage everything is in its place except one of the upgraded ones. The space that it was one is now blank spot. You can’t put anything there. There was 4 spots there, on the left hand side top. I had 3 upgraded food storages, and 2 regular ones.

If you mean the top Left space there has only ever been 3 building spaces there… Shown here on my screen:

In total for Food storage there is only 4 Storages you can build… Additionally, the current Strong-Hold release (SH-23) allows to a MAX of 2x Upgraded Food Storage (Advanced Food Storage)…
So in summary you can’t have had 3x Advanced ones & 2x Normal ones for two reasons…

Shown here are the 4 that can be built…

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