Food requirements for Raids

Hi - I absolutely love this game. I know you’re open to improvements, so here’s one you’ve probably gotten before, but I don’t have time to scour the discussion boards to see.
I know you give a 20% boost, or so, to defending teams on Raids. I don’t like that, and that’s the true solution to the problem, but I’m assuming you’re not going to change that.
The next problem is the ridiculous amount of wasted food we’re forced to use to find an opponent that is beatable. You have to search for opponents that are your score, or lower, to have any chance of winning a raid - as you must know. However, 90% of all searches result in pairings with teams that are 2-300 points stronger, causing us to waste hundreds of thousands of food just to find viable pairings. The natural side effect to this, particularly with terrible food loot for raids, is an inability to level heroes due to running out of food all the time. I can’t even imagine what it is like to be one of the worlds strongest players, because they likely can’t find teams to defeat with this algorithm.
My proposed solution is to flip the algorithm to prevent almost all searches from pairing stronger enemies for raids. Wasting food on raids is stupid and is about the worst part of the game.
You see why the better solution would be to stop giving the defender a 20% boost? Solves all issues and likely will make defending the outpost a more active part of the game. Thanks.

You’ll grow out of it, eventually… once you reach some higher level, raid re-roll food waste becomes insignificant. And you’ll re-roll a lot less as you grow in strength.

Without that boost defense would never stand a chance. The attacker has all the acess up their sleeve. The 20% boost keeps raiding interesting.

That just isn’t true.

I’m asuming you’re talking about team power there. Actualy, team power has nothing to do with raid matching. It is based on cup count. Every time you re-roll, you’ll be matched with an enemy in a +/- 300 cups range from your current cups number, regardless of their team power.

Huh?! Of course they can. And they make it look easy, just watch some you tube raiding vids, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Succesful raiding is a combination of board luck, roster depth and skill, keep trying, you’ll get the hang of it.


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