Food limit stuck at 3122

I am trying to get my food limit up, have raised the buildings several times now in order to research alchemy 10 but it always sais 3122.

Have maxed all the Buildings out? The most you can get is below and is needed for HA10 but wasn’t for AL10 from memory

As I said, I had 3122 weeks ago, I did several upgrades to the food storages and Farms after that, and yet it stays at 3122

Farms make no difference to total food storage.

You need to start work on your Advanced food storage if you haven’t already.

Post a screenshot of your food storage levels so we can see what’s going on please

You need to have 3 Level 10 Advanced Food Storage and 1 Level 20 Food Storage to reach the max

I have also raised my FS-s , twice, and now with your tip I have summed up my FSs and it sais 3122. two advanced 6s, one advanced 8 and a 20

This might help

I add your levels up to be exactly the figure you give, 3,122,000

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To get what you need you must finish all food storage up to 10 to research final HA level.

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