Food Harvester not working

I have seen no increase in food received from completing levels in S1 with the food harvester active. I have tried multiple different levels, and compared food received to data from Barry Farmz Here. The food I get is exactly what I would have gotten without the harvester in every case.

Of course, it’s possible that SGG has nerfed the food per stage. Only way to be 100% sure is to wait for my Harvester to run out tomorrow and do a comparison then.


Take some screenshots and submit a ticket

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I’d also suggest posting the screenshots in this thread. Someone may see something you’re missing or give you advice on what to add to your ticket.

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I’m the same. If there is a boost it’s so marginal its pathetic, but I’ve come to expect that from Zynga. Rewards from Titans and Titan chest have dropped rapidly. I’ve been playing for 2 years. I know this game is a marathon not a sprint but they need to cut us some slack occasionally.

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