Food gambling

Premise: I’ve come to the point where I have no real use for all the ham and iron I gather. I try to craft things but the food is simply too much compared to other mats for doing stuff. However, 1) having ham bar full is a pain when I need to move recruits from a training camp to another and 2) I still want to gather ham and iron from farms/mine at least for completing the related quests.
The proposal: give me a chance to waste my food (and iron if you like) please. One option I can think of would be a gambling system where I can waste food for getting mats for example. I don’t really mind if the odds of getting something better than rugged clothes or herbs are 1 over 1M food paid, I just want a way to easily get rid of it.
Other ideas:

  1. pay food over taxes on trainings to increase chance of special ability improvement
  2. pay more a building to slightly reduce construction time
  3. add a zoo where I can feed ham to hell hounds and iron to golems
  4. a bin icon in the bottom right corner

You’re not levelling troops? That’s the biggest food sink I’ve yet found ingame.


I’m leveling troops and heroes, but the food is just too much. I breath for a bit after 3rd ascension of 5* heroes, but it is a quite rare occasion and it takes 2/3 days to fill the bar again

I wish I was in your shoes foodwise then. Maxed farms and watchtower, and I still never seem to have enough for levelling everything.
I can see myself having trouble getting rid of iron very shortly though. I’ve just got two forges left to level, then no more need for builders.

Maybe something is wrong. The troops consume a lot of food, then you can make some items in the blacksmith as manna or health potions. And of course, upload your heroes or create heroes in the TC19 or TC20, if you want to empty the food for some reason, you can give it to look for enemy in the assaults

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Crafting requires crafting materials, training camps require recruits and sometimes ascension materials (if it wasn’t for rugged clothes I’d be doing TC19 much more often than I actually do), training heroes/troops require heroes/troops to sacrifice. I just get more food than I can consume in these ways for lack of the other required things: if mana potions didn’t require roots and meteors I’d craft a load of them and the problem would be solved.
I have 2 training camps running constantly tc20 and the other 2 running tc2 or similar (tc19 when I gather some hundreds of clothes) that are definetely not the cheapest in terms of food.
Maybe I consume few food on troops because I don’t feed everything to 4* but also to 2* and 3* troops for the events, which costs less.
I asked because in my alliance some members have similar issues, and if I had something to spend my ham without the need for something else to consume in the process (materials, recruits, heroes, troops) I’d defintely make a big use of it

I have the same problem, it really is a pain when you want to move recruits around in your tc’s. Just a bin to get rid of it would do, but I like your other suggestions too.

I like the zoo the best :wink:


Amazing idea for a zoo!

Or maybe just the ability to turn off your windmills?

(How do windmills make ham anyway??)


What level are you currently at? And are all your buildings maxed out? I anticipate being finished with buildings in a couple months but until then am always tapped for iron. My crafting materials are stacking up in the mean time. I can definitely see a time in the future where if nothing changes in the game economy I will be in your position, but it’s a long way off - probably 4-5 months or so. I’m level 42 and have been playing since September.

(How do windmills make ham anyway??)

Maybe it only looks like a windmill but it is actually a big rotating porcine legs removal device.

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I guess the moral of the story is when you run out of troops to level… be darn careful which TCs you are running. what is your suggestion?

I think this is close to right. Some sort of wind powered pig slaughterhouse.

Agreed. Use TC4 as a massive troop/food bank. It takes no mats, only 2 recruits, and you can store an unlimited number. When you pull someone fun, just make a withdrawal.

I’m almost at level 52 and have been playing since April 2017 I guess. I haven’t finished buildings yet but I’m quite close, that’s why I’m trying to find alternatives to spend resources now. The mission for collecting 800M food from mills is already pretty long even if you manage to always gather the food before the mills saturate. Moreover I hate having to craft things I don’t need everytime I want to move some recruits from my recruits reservoir (a tc20 with a queue of about 140 trainings) to another training camp. And things can only worsen when I’ll finish upgrading the iron mines.