Food capacity


I had a look at my maximum food capacity and the individual food that could be stored in the 3 advanced food storage that I have and the one regular food storage by tapping the question mark. However, if I add this up, the total is less than the mentioned food capacity when I tap my food at the top of the screen. How is this food capacity calculated?

There’s also 10k capacity from the Stronghold, in addition to the capacities from the Food Storage buildings.


873k + 873k + 873k + 689k + 10k = 3318k.


thank you, I didn’t know about the 10k capacity of the stronghold


Yeah it’s from the start of the game when you have a base but no buildings.

You have a minimum 10k food & iron capacity plus some basic recruit storage too; just to get you by until you start building the base up!

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