Food bug/glitch

I collect my watch tower mines & food all at the same time. They all produce every hour. So they all should produce at the same time. My Food should produce 3,498 an hour and be ready the same time as everything else. However, my food takes 1 hour & 30mins to produce only 3498. There has to be a bug or glitch. Both my mines & watch tower produce on time
My watch tower is level 7
My Mines 4 of them level 12
My Food 8 of them level 14. Can someone explain or is it a bug.

Are you getting raided during this 1.5 hour period? Take a screen shot of your watch tower at 1 hour and post it.

No raids at all. I took a screen video and found out it’s now only producing every 2 hours. And if I collect on the hour it only gives me 2,000. Ok I just collected and it was only 2,000 these are the screen shots showing when I collected. I was snap a screenshot and post here again in 1 hour and 10 mins

I have 7 farms at 20 and 2 working that way… the lower level farms actually have the ham pop above them first… the same happens with my mines… I don’t pay attention to the numbers when I collect them … Unlike the Tower the farms and mines can be collected before they “pop”

If you look at top right of your watch tower it shows you how much you produce a hour. The watch tower is not related at all to the farm. So every hour you will get 2460 ham.

Yes is not connected to any farms. Farms are suppose to produce every hour like it says and I use the watch tower as a timer. So it’s been over an hour. No food is produced.
It’s only producing every two hours and if I collect it before the two hours it will only give me 2000 instead of 3498

You piqued my interest, so I checked it too.
Level 15 farm, 3800 per hour production. Emptied it and set a one hour timer, it gave me 2800 at the end.

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Sorry for confusion. I just tested this on my level 20 farm and it was bang on. Maybe provide a video of when you clear it with time visable and then video of when you collect so developers can fix.

I made 3 screen recording videos all with time visible on it. 1-video of me collecting everything.
2-video shows 1 & 10 mins hour later only watch tower available to collect but I still collect my food which it only gives me 2000 shows collecting and waiting until food is available to collect with everything else. Shows it takes food 2 hours to collect. But this
site only lets you up load photos.

You could upload to YouTube and link to there as an option. I’m interested in checking this as well just need an hour of free time first.

You’re watchtower can be your timer if you collect it at the same time. Since everything is Supposed to produce every hour

I’ll have to create an account and upload the videos when I get some more free time. The other person that replied to this topic is experiencing the same thing. Glad I’m not the only one :blush: I would if I post it in the community section of the Games Facebook page if you would be able to see it that way? Empires and Puzzles Facebook page

Either that or if you have a google account put them on google drive and share it. Good luck!

as an FYI, you don’t need to wait until the ham icon appears to collect the food, you just click on the farm and hit “collect”. It also appears to be localized to individuals as my lvl 20 farms all produced 5300 ham after an hour like they should…definitely support ticket.

Out of curiosity I checked on my own.
Began by collecting and emptying a single lvl 17 farm, which produces 4400 food an hour.
Set timer for 1 hour.
Collected 4403 ham immediately after the timer was done.

Seems to be working fine on my end.
Like others have said, the food bubble shows at different times, whatever that threshold is, it’s not the same for different lvl buildings. Unsure if this is where the confusion lies.

I was just using my watch tower as a timer. Food and it produces per hour. So when it’s ready to collect in 1 hour my food should be as well. However, if I collect my food for level 14 at the 1 hour mark it only gives me 2,000. It’s suppose to give me 3400 in 1 hour.

You need a support ticket. No one’s going to be able to help on the forums with that. Nothing will get resolved without that.

I was seeing if anyone else had the same problem or if it was just me. Where do I put in a support ticket?

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Just on a side note the actual ham above farm seems to show up when the farm is at 10% of the total capacity of that farm. Doesn’t really help with your glitch just something i observed about farms.


I had this bug and raid fighting invisible heroes/hero’s firing special at the beginning of a raid. I submitted a ticket with support and it has been fixed & resolved. Are you having the same issues?

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