Food and Iron Harvesters Not working

I have gone back and forth several times today into season 1 after implementing my food harvester, only to be disappointed bc I am not getting any of the 50% of food rewarded from winning my replayed levels. What is going on and please don’t this asap. I have done this before with the iron harvester and again to no avail does it work! Something’s gotta give and you need to please adjust this bug and fix it. Thank you for your immediate attention to my dilemma, in advance!

Can you show us an example loot from any of the low levels of Season 1 (maybe 7.4) so that we can compare if the harvester is working or not? :slight_smile:


Is this what you were referring to?

I was talking about the loot you get after playing the level. Can you play Level 4 of Province 7 and share the food and iron loot you get?

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I used one of my food harvesters and I have one left.

Welcome to the forum, That doesn’t really show the rewards just shows you have 0 food and may of played the last level of season 1.
I’ll go play s1 provence 5 stage 8 and show my rewards. Play that stage too also Please take a screen shot at the rewards at the end so we can compare.
My rewards

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I just played 7 level 4 and took pics, which I sent you.

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Actually it was Season 1 . Part 7 level 4

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Okay, thanks. So I also played 7-4 and here’s my food loot. Seems like the harvester is working correctly.

I got 1415 food. So, 50% more is 1415 x 1.5 = 2122 (which is about what you got) :slight_smile:


Maybe I am working this improperly. It seems that when I play and win the stage of the province, the 50% of the food wasnt added to my amount that I had which was almost in the 400000. It seems to be working now so I Thank you very much for fixing the issue! I appreciate your assistance!


Super helpful TPK.

20 helpful forum awards.

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