Food and Iron flasks

Hi all! We have all the energy flasks in the game, but i think it would be cool if there were also food and iron flasks in the game to fill up resources or at least fill them half way.

The in game shop allows you to purchase food and iron using gems… and yes, it’s expensive. So I’m not sure how flasks would work because of this.

World and raid energy can be also purchased in the shop. The only difference is you get some flasks for free, without spending gems.
I agree food and iron are extremely expensive in the shop. But food and iron flasks could be very rare, like reset token.


I agree flask would be great.

It takes 21.8 hours round up to 22 hours to fill up a farm.

1 farm is 116000 food.

You have 9 farms.

That’s 1044000 food.

You can hold 2766000 food.

So that’s roughly 58 hours to fill food from zero.

I believe my findings are right if not I’m sure someone will correct me.

It’s a idea to speed up the rate of production with a flask or so. :slight_smile:


I agree. I think a 2x production for 8 hours would be a feasible way to create a resource “flask”


I like the production multiplier idea.

A ‘production boost’ flask is a great idea!

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