Fog Level Bug


As part of the rules change to the fog levels, specials have a chance to miss. I have noticed on many occasions that the special’s effect will apply but the damage will not be applied. I.e. Joon’s special will sometimes miss entirely, hit entirely, and sometimes apply the blind but not the damage. This happens with all heroes specials (Ramming Pulverizer, Azlar’s burn etc). Additionally, attacks that don’t have secondary effects will not animate. I.e. Lianna’s attack will sometimes hit, sometimes miss, and sometimes miss without showing the arrows fly.


The direct damage caused by specials and secondary effects seem to be on two different rolls. So on a fog level a special can:

  1. Both do damage and give secondary effects (DoT, debuffs, dispell etc.) That’s what normally happens on other levels.
  2. Only do damage.
  3. Only cause the secondary effect.
  4. Do nothing as both fail to work.

There’s also some sort of bug on the fog levels which sometimes makes the Miss message fail to display on specials sometimes.

It’s easiest to see examples elsewhere in the game when a hero with a secondary special effect on multiple enemies is blinded. The same thing happens there, with some targets being missed completely and others getting only part of the special affecting them.


I am not sure it is a bug - maybe this is working as intended, but it isn’t described well enough? Just wondering, because it seems to be consistent for everyone…
I have also noticed that Alasie - who usually only hits one target - will occasionally hit two or three targets on fog stages. Has anyone else encountered this?


@Paulon I haven’t noticed this happening anywhere other than in the fog levels… I’ll look out for it.

@Witch I use Alasie and her secondary effect hits nearby enemies but only does damage to the target enemy. She’s been consistent on that for me but I’ll also keep a look out for that.


This is definitely a bug. I have recorded a video where several of my heroes abilities go off, but nothing happens. Typically you see miss come across in a bluish, purple writing, but notice when I use Zimkitha’s and Gregorian’s abilities the first time and Thoth-amun’s ability the second time, closers to the end, because nothing seems to happen. No damage, no “miss” explanation, just nothing. @Sara @Petri @Rook @Witch


There was a connectivity warning symbol at the beginning of the video. I’m not sure if connectivity played a role in this or not.


It didn’t. I can make another video and show you because it happens all the time.


Hi, thank you for the report. This is a known issue that will be fixed in the upcoming update (version 17)!


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