Flying Kiwi Rangers need you now 3 spot

Freindly helpfully team. Currently on 6 star titans .we have gained a few new players in the last week only 3 spots left .
So we expect to move to next lvl soon with last 3 spots filled by you we want way higher .as we only had 20 players for s long time and have now gained a few we are on the up.
We range from 2300 to 800 cups .
So will need to be at least 1200 strong to join .
All daily players
Titans a must and nearly all join wars which we regularly win .We have only lost a few and they were all close .
We share tips and help each other grow.
So with couple higher lvl player who knows.
First in first served.
Ages from mid 20s up
Help us grow and grow with us.
Multiple nationalities worldwide team .
We all look forward to meeting our new players .
This will be updated each time we fill a spot.


Still 3 spot so if your at a loose end come join in .If your lower than 800 cup and a keen daily play post here and we will drop cup lvl to let you in
Just missed our last 6 dropped back to 5s finished in a little over 9 hrs back to 6s

Last 6 taken down with 8 hours to spare

Just missed our 7 by 80k 3 more players and I pretty sure we will knock them out then 8s

Still need 3 more at a loose end come join us

Still looking for 3 to fill last spots .we are helpful fari bit of chat .work well as a team
So come join us

Only 2 spots left come join a nice team

We’re hitting a 7 at mo. Still need 2 more to help with wars and titans come join us

About to get back to 7s so 2 more strong keen daily players would be fantastic helpful chatty team come join multicultural team .even our lower lvl players are lvln up fast lowest is 800 cups a few players needed

Now only 1 spot left 1200 cups needed .on 7 titan one extra person could make the difference

Back to 3 spots just moved on 2 inactives

Sitting on a 6 take about 12 -14 hrs at mo to take one out . still 3 spots to fill we need you if your daily . Won last war , come join us needing couple of chatty helpfull peoples 1200 up .we have been close on our 7s so with 3 more should crack through them. Someone help us set up discord as well .

I’ve just set up a discord channel . .

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