Floor 30 already?

Hohoho !! Brutal !! Mortal Kombat level brutality !!

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I don’t think I can list all the things I lost to mistakes in the game. the number of times that playing a long time the game tells me that it has no signal and it disconnected and this being from the pc with fixed internet line and with the cell phone with data and wifi, this generated me losses of war titan uff everything in This event made an account I had the loss of a server error where not only could I not reach level 10 but also the level that could end in the next movement ended up leaving me 3 heroes affected with a curse and they did not give me nothing

I just searched and not only did I not find anything, I did not see in any of the talks that they talk about the connection problem

All you have to do is click on the link in the other post. There was a link directly to the Reddit thread.

Also, here’s a direct link to Sun of a Beach’s post:

I don’t know why it doesn’t show up on the other thing and I don’t normally use Reddit so I don’t even have a guess.

Steve Irwin Voice

The unwitting player takes the booby trapped flask back to its nest, which riles up the hive … Look at em go!


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