Floor 30 already?

That is possible though i didn’t get one in beta. Why would it only be one person that would get it out of all the players. :thinking: maybe A glitch in the matrix

I might be wrong. But I think I got one, not sure thou. Let’s see if it was a drop from anywhere chest

How is it possible that one person is at level 30? Morning Flags + Bonus Energy Flask + 2x Flask Purchase = 25 Flags. Exactly like the others below.

Good afternoon. How did the player reach the 30th floor? At the moment, the maximum possible is 26.10 energy + 2 flasks for crystals and 1 flask in messages.

You can use gems to get another 5 energy
That or they started it right away

Even you buy all of energy, the max could be 25th floor

Is tower energy refilled after leveling up?

Nope. :slight_smile:

But it is definitely strange. It is floor 30 after all. Triangle has 3 sides, and the eye looks like a 0. Illuminati confirmed :small_red_triangle: :eye:


question. How can she be on the 30th floor already? Also how come the flask only half fills the energy?

If a question’s worth asking once, it’s worth asking a hundred times, right?


If it doesn’t get an answer. Sure.

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Helsinki isn’t generally awake this time of night. What are they supposed to do, come running to the forum, candle in hand, just because America is still up?

Anyway it’s hardly a matter of life or death.


If you release a game internationally, there should be support for international players.

It is a separate issue, but perhaps the 9-to-5 job in Helsinki just isn’t enough anymore.
It’s not just this question, it’s all questions, and it’s all answers.

And if they’re still using candles, no wonder…they probably aren’t aware of the question yet, the pigeon hasn’t arrived.




Or the Son of a Beach found the warp pipes in Stage 21:

23, 24 or 25.


The answer is simple and already provided by the current #1

He or she is a S#& of a B!@$%

Remember yesterday when the Ninja Tower event started. A lot of players played this event which cause the server to be full, booting some of those players while doing certain tower stages and got ejected from the game resulting to the loss of the tower energy. @KiraSG advised them to file a support ticket. Maybe the additional tower flask were given to them as compensation to the inconvenience they experienced, thus allowing them to complete stage 29.

And as @HappyHippo have said, it is not a matter of life or death.


Sun of a Beach responded on reddit, and that is exactly what happened. He/she used the flasks to draw attention to their alliance as they are recruiting.


Wow !! I never expected to be right on this. Wow !!


Um 10 flags to start plus 5 for the free flask plus 2 more small flasks… still only 25…

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