Floor 30 already?

Leaderboard has someone on floor 30, this doesn’t seem to be possible. Offer is 10 flags, we get 15 free essentially, where did they get the other 4?

You can purchase Ninja flasks via the offer. Probably what they did.

Probably someone got additional flask from monster chest or something. It’s going to be another “known issue” that wasn’t meant to happen.

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The offer only nets you the ten I’ve accounted for above.

Hadn’t considered it might be a new regular loot item. That makes sense. It would seem like an odd thing to cheat for.

Imt actually curious why people are flasking already anyway, seems like you might as well try to do it all for free first, right?

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How was someone able to get to the 30th floor already?
10given daily , 5 from mail, 5 able to purchase from event & another 5able to purchase from event.

Thats 25 ninja energy total able to get today. Everyone else is stuck waiting to do the 26th Floor.

There’s a random flask gifts during the stages. This could be it. I remember be awarded 1 flask on beta, I think. Or not… Can’t go there now to check

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I thought I got one from my Inbox, but maybe it was a random reward.

I’d think there would be more than one person who got that “random” reward flask though…something isn’t right here. Not that it will ultimately matter. Once he’s at 50 he’s done.


The offer is 50 gems for a flask with 2 on offer. Most likely what they used since flasks refills all energy.

Not a bug.

Well of course you can do it for free. Anyway I used all available flasks and everything I can say is that event promotes players with dozens of legends ascended. I have already Magni, Heimdall and Gullinbursti out of the event and tornados did not help me to keep them alive.

Dude, flask gives you 5 attacks.

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Flasks only restore 5 energy. I don’t understand how it is possible to be at level 30


That’s it? Funny how the rest refill ALL energy.

So with 2 bought and 1 free max should be 25. Hmmm. Thanks for the info.

Having it only be one person smells of a bug. Remember there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people playing this thing right now. Having only one person randomly get anything is as close to impossible as impossible gets.


I understand the numbers on both sides of the decimal point of the scores are inverted. But how?! 500k is the first and 600k comes in second and third? Notice the number of levels. 10 Ninja flags + 1 gift flask (5 flags) + 2 bought from today’s offer (equals 10 flags)= 25


The numbers on both sides of the decimal point are fixed and she reached level 30 ! :joy:

Looks to me as if they didn’t allow enough characters to display the whole score, so there’s probably a 1 missing at the beginning (i.e. the first two got over a million points).

No, the numbers were inverted and now they are fixed. No way they reach a million points on the first day alone.

Oh ok. There goes that theory then.

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Ive got 20 questions…

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