"Fleeing" sounds like cowardice

The word “fleeing” has a negative connotation. I recommend changing the label to “retreat”, " withdrawal", “strategic retreat”, or " strategic withdrawal"

"Advance in the opposite direction. "


“Continue the fight another day”


This thread is gonna have some hilarious “meme worthy” posts and I cant wait.


Just remove the thing completely. Losing an already lost fight won’t take much time, but the challenge exploit will be much harder to use.


My personal favourite!!

run away


Especially appropriate when facing BK


What about something more like ‘let your heroes die and immediately lose the battle’

Or the rabbits.


I was thinking that an appropriate new Springdale hero could be introduced along these lines:

(S)he could be designed as an effective foil to BK.

I like that people still recognise the reference. I hate attacking BK, his attitude is… irritating (for want of a better word).

For raids yes, no use. But for alliance battles it would be better to give your cleanup crews easier takedowns. This strategy is only applicable if you have already put a lot of damage on an opponent but you expect to die on the opponents next turn after they first employ healing. If they heal immediately before you die, you lose some of the points that you had already gained and additional leave your cleanup with a more difficult task. (Ex. For your opponent, 1-2 two heroes remaining with one a healer fully charged waiting to heal and you only have 1 hero left with negligible life force to expect to live beyond the next turn unless you somehow get a miraculous cascading tile drop. If you retreat, you conserve the already earned points (let’s say 45 out 50 possible), the healers manna resets to 0 for the next attacker and his life force (let’s say 25% remaining) stays where it is at. If you attack and don’t get the miraculous cascade that allows you to gloriously win at the last moment, then because he heals before his troops kill you, you could drop from 45 out 50 possible points to 30-35 and your cleanup has to now take on an opponent that could have a 100% life force instead of only 25%. The cleanup crew may not even be able to get back the 10-15 pts that you had already earned but then gave back.

If you know that you are not going to win the raid and you are not, barring a miracle cascade, going to take out any more heroes for the chest; then fleeing is a viable option to get on to the next raid faster. I have limited chunks of time during the day for playing E&P and it’s sometimes a good thing to help maximize those chunks. I have fled during a raid a couple times for that reason, although generally I usually hold out for the miracle cascade.

I have no issue with the word flee, and definitely prefer it to its homonym.


Fear the white rabbit.
Better retreat if you’re going to face it or even flee. :wink:

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Even for raids it can be useful.
If the enemy has Alberich or Mother North and they revive heores before you lose, they revived heroes won’t count towards the chest progress.


I often did that if there were only 2 kills missing for the chest and a rezzer was fully charged.

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I hadn’t even considered that.:grinning:

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Oh I forgot my umbrella, be right back!!

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