Fleeing from a raid

When you flee from a raid is it the same effect as losing normally or do you save stuff?

Fleeing from a raid is an automatic loss, so no, you don’t save anything.

Never tap that button, I’ve had many raids where all my heroes were almost dead, but then I managed to win.


Thank u so much. I want sure if fleeing we just lost trophies and saved food or what

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You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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The one time I can see fleeing as a good idea - you need just one or two more kills to fill a chest. You get those kills, but it looks like you will loose the battle. Your opponent has Alberich almost ready to fire.


I’m curious, if you flee in alliance war, do you lose all the damage that you’ve dealt to the defender?

Say, for example, you’re down to 1 lower lever hero and have no good moves. The defending healer AND the war aid are going to fire next turn to gain back health. Your choice would be between
a) letting them heal by continuing to play
b) flee to prevent them from healing

Of course, they can’t heal past their starting health, but can you keep the damage dealt during the battle by fleeing?

You should always flee in such a situation. The defense team stays damaged and you receive all damage points you‘ve done.


Yes, as @Maaeetz said, fleeing would be a good idea in that situation or you might end up scoring 0-2 points or something like that. Wars are a bit different from raids.


But in the instance of fleeing before they are able to use their war aid wouldn’t that be setting the next individual up for failure because their war aid is amediately ready to use at the beginning of their fight? Or does the war aid reset to zero after each fight?

It does reset. Sama as any mana or buff/ailments on enemies, they go away.


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