Flee button....what the purpose of it?

Hey guys, what is the purpose of the flee button?

To say “OH FORGET THIS TERRIBLE BOARD!” and move onto the next raid quicker.


Also sometimes useful in a war attack if you’re about to die, you’ve got no good moves to make, and your opponent either has a hero on the verge of popping a healing special, or Field Aid is about to pop off. This ends the fight without them healing, so the next attacker can move in and all the enemies are still damaged and with empty mana.


but you lose without even trying by doing this…that makes no sense cause you never know one good cascade and you might actually win the raid

Some have more patience than others.

I don’t think KLin was saying to flee at the very beginning of a battle. Just when you get to the point that it’s clear that it’s a lost cause.


Ever set up your team for the enemy composition… then discover that they have a nasty 5* HotM hidden in the corner that you didn’t account for?

…sure, you give it a shot… then 3 of your heroes die before you even get your first Special off. There’s no reason to extend the pain, knowing that you will inevitably fail. Just flee and go again.

It also serves great purpose in war in helping you deal with Field Aid.


I’ve wondered about this. Can Alberich revive dead heroes on war cleanup flags?


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Yes, he certainly can. Mother North too. Was about to say something similar about raids. When you’re filling a raid chest, fleeing before Alby or MN fire their special sometimes results in an extra hero or two in the chest.

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totally get that but even if your able to kill one or 2 before you die that help you get closer to opening the chest for Raid completions. War i get

Yes and no. Only for the match in question, but then they will go back to being dead. A war team can never improve over the end of its last match.


Cool! Didn’t know that.


Random: How come sometimes it shows when I reply to someone, and sometimes not? Like, my previous comment, I clicked the “reply” button in Garanwyn’s comment, and while I was typing it looked like it was going to end up showing that my reply was to Garanwyn, but then when I actually posted it, it didn’t. (I may need to explain this bettter…)

It happens to me too sometimes. It never shows if your post is the very next post after the one you’re replying to. But sometimes I try to reply to something up thread and get no reply avatar/arrow.

Usually, I just edit an @ into the post when it happens :man_shrugging:

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would make plenty of sense! If not for this…

Oh well!

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Or you can give cups to the poor (revenge, attack, flee, rinse and repeat) and then take them back from rich in the Robin Hood style :wink:

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Just FYI, “OH FORGET THIS TERRIBLE BOARD” statistically happens more often if you use mono teams.

But mostly flee is good to protect your gains from further losses.

When I am down to 1-3 heroes with low health, and see no good matches, maybe none that will charge my heroes mana, and ones that cannot possibly start a cascade…well, I often know there’s NO WAY I can win or even do more damage at that point.

And as others have pointed out, you can lock in damage to heroes in war … or lock the 1-2 dead heroes into your raid chest. And if Alby or MoNo is about to fire, or a healer or heal aid as soon as you make a move, you are better off fleeing.

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I don’t care if it happens more often.



Also, if only Alby is left, and he brings back heroes, dont worry about them, just kill Alby. As long as you kill him you win, even if the revived heroes kill your team.




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