Flawless Victory


Whenever you battle Player VS Player (PVP), there is a chance that all 5 hero’s could finish with full life. I was just thinking, in that rare occasion, a nice little extra reward would be nice.


If they’d implement that, the number of victories with full life would increase dramatically. So, negative vote from me.


People already struggle to win, figures not so easy get a flawless victory.

I want to do a fatality on Cyprian, thats the bonus i want :face_with_monocle:


I don’t struggle to win… I win 100% of the fights I want to win… which is about 75% of all fights… that’s how amazing I am. :wink:


That would reward those who purposefully drop cups even more.


too easy to scam. Just bring a healer and top off before nuking the last opponent.