Flawless Aftermath is looking for you!

Are you 21+? Are you tired of letting titans escape or not winning wars? Come join FA on our rise to top100. We are a sister alliance of the top100 Flawless Victory(FV).

We are looking for mature adult players who can play at a high level of competition while keeping it fun and airy…

Titan hits 10/11* and 6 war flags required.
Line is required.
3500+ TP
2000 trophies

We have 2 spots open…

Any questions Line ID: merlindarkmage or dLm_mage

Updated 2/26/2019

We are full and we have started a waitlist.

Still adding onto the waiting list

Updated text. Image is out of date. We have 2 spots open.

Updated again to reflect new information, also removed image until updates are made to it.

Bump. Still have 2 spots…

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