Flawed War Matching?

You’re not alone in lamenting War matchups. There are a ton of threads discussing/lamenting them…here’s one with 600+ posts as an example:

All that’s to say that it’s hard to know whether a match is good from the data available to you. The biggest determining factor can sometimes be bench depth, skill, luck, participation, or other factors that are hard to judge from the “on paper” matchup — at least with the information available to you.

The War Score takes a fair amount of that into account, but we can only see the total number. There’s no insight into its components for a given matchup.

Unfortunately, you can’t. A moderator will have to do it.

That’s why I tagged @Kerridoc and @Rook above to suggest merging this to How war matching system works exactly

They’ll be by at some point to take care of that, and will move all of these posts. So if you have more thoughts/questions on this topic, feel free to continue in this thread in the meantime. :slight_smile: