Flawed War Matching?

Hi, this is my first post, and I’m still learning to use these forums, so if I’ve posted this in the wrong place or category, or this is a repeat, I apologize.

The system, as far as I understand it, seems to match two teams on the basis of a Trophy score, a Titan score, and a war score, is that right?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but two of these elements seem difficult to manipulate. From what I understand, however, some teams are intentionally lowering their Trophy score sometime prior to matchmaking in order to achieve a match with a weaker team during the war. One of the players on my team claims he used to be on a team that used just this strategy.

To me, this seems like the equivalent of enrolling your young looking 16 year old in baseball with the 12 year olds, to try and win. There’s something ethically wrong about it.

Is there no way to fix this seeming flaw in the system?

Hi @Stash, welcome to the forum!

This is actually not quite right. Only the War Score is used for War matching.

The War score and matching is comprised of:

This used to be true. Alliance score — which is the sum of all members’ trophies plus the titan score — used to be the way War matchups were determined. Back then, intentionally lowering the trophy scores of members could have an impact on matching.

But that’s no longer the case.

However, lots of people may be ill-informed, and still trying that anyway. But it makes no difference to matching.

You’ve posted in the right place, but it may be worth your post joining an existing thread on this topic. I suggest this one:

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Only the war score is used for matchmaking in wars. War score doesn’t use cups, titan score only the top 30 heroes from each player (based on hero power) with extra weight to the top 5 for each player. It also uses: the top 5 troops and the recent win/loss record.

Most of that is hard to manipulate in a way to give a clear and consistent advantage.

How could I not like that post - you quoted me :wink:

@General_Confusion The question is not whether to quote you on that information, so much as which of the several times you’ve patiently explained how War scores and matching work should be quoted. :wink:


Oh, I see. Well, that shocks me a little.

We had assumed that the last team we fought, was doing just that, because the match looked good on paper but was awful in reality. They didn’t seem to have use strategy or skill at all to win, just used flag after flag however they wanted (in ways that seemed squanderous to us) and still had a ton of flags to go at the end.

Very odd, but still that brings “some” comfort.

So how do I move this thread as suggested?

You’re not alone in lamenting War matchups. There are a ton of threads discussing/lamenting them…here’s one with 600+ posts as an example:

All that’s to say that it’s hard to know whether a match is good from the data available to you. The biggest determining factor can sometimes be bench depth, skill, luck, participation, or other factors that are hard to judge from the “on paper” matchup — at least with the information available to you.

The War Score takes a fair amount of that into account, but we can only see the total number. There’s no insight into its components for a given matchup.

Unfortunately, you can’t. A moderator will have to do it.

That’s why I tagged @Kerridoc and @Rook above to suggest merging this to How war matching system works exactly

They’ll be by at some point to take care of that, and will move all of these posts. So if you have more thoughts/questions on this topic, feel free to continue in this thread in the meantime. :slight_smile:


I suppose you’ve done all you can, but I will pass this info along to my teammates, who are busy fuming with conspiracy theories on how we were so mismatched, lol.

Thank you so much!

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“Fuming with conspiracy theories,” eh? I think they’d fit right in with quite a lot of people on the forum. :wink:

It’s worth noting — what appeared to be haphazard flag usage to you might actually have helped them win. I’d reflect on how the War progressed, and whether you might learn anything from what they did along the way.

They might, for instance, have made a concerted effort to clear all of your teams and cause a board reset. That allows killing teams again sooner, and potentially more times, which can be a good way to get more points.

They might also, as an example, have organized players into different roles, like busting tanks for some, and cleanup for others. That can appear haphazard when players jump around between teams, but may well be a coordinated (and effective) strategy.

The forum has some resources on War Strategy, which you can certainly find searching around. Here are some I found with a quick look (just keep an eye out for some information being outdated, as Alliance Wars have evolved quite a lot over the last year):


Thank you so much! I will look into those resources. They may help!

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You’re welcome, and good luck with your next War!

Hi there! Real quick (again):


@zephyr1 has more or less thoroughly answered you.

No need for Conspiracy Theories. Due to the shifting nature of the wins/losses portion of the algorithm, sometimes you will face stronger or weaker teams, depending. Don’t worry about trophy/cup numbers, they do NOT affect the war score at all, and war score is what is used to match you.

_As this is a duplicate of a previous thread, I’ll link you again to that one for any continued conversation, and close this thread. (Thanks, @Zephyr1.)

Unfair Matches in Alliance Wars


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